Embrace Truth

Read between
The lines
See the truth
Are told

They must hide
Their differences
As if they were you own
But first make sure
That you can do
The same
For what
Is hidden
Inside you
We fear
Not just
For what
Makes them
But because of fear
That our differences
May be considered
Just as bad
We fear
What we
Are told
To hate
But like them
We cannot be
Who we are not
So from societies
Set yourself free
And instead of
Being afraid
And worrying
Start embracing

Yourself and others
You'd be
What that
Can do
For you

So take
A leap
Of faith
In yourself
And others
Do yourself
A favor
And just
Do it already
Embrace truth

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robbie's picture

Ive read a few of your poems.

Ive read a few of your poems. I really love your positive message and hope for the world.