Deforested Mountain River Of Mud 1.5 Miles Wide Kills 14... 176 Missing

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In the fishing and logging village of Arlington Washington, as of March 25, there are 14 dead and 176 human beings and hundreds of thousands of animals birds unaccounted for in a mudslide, a river of wet dirt 1.5 miles wide. Damage
covers 1 square mile. God bless all involved.
A deforested mountainside came down in the rain in this
logging state.
We live in treewood homes.. sit on treewood furniture..
write on treewood desks on treewood paper with treewood
pencils. We shove axed treewood into woodburning stoves.
Tree paper is in our bathrooms. We take treeaxed newspapers
and magazines and junk mail in from the porch and mailbox.
Outside we mow down sapling trees. Later in the day we go
to the store and bag our deadtree cereal boxes and paper wrapped tin cans in dead tree grocery bags. Some still eat fast food animal flesh which takes more trees per pound than any other food They are handed treepaper napkins and carryout bags.
The surviving trees continue to knit their free nut and fruit gifts,
to shelter birds, to evaporate water which becomes mist and then rainclouds.
What is the effect of removing trees by the trillions? Mudslides, drought as the sentient trees who (they're not objects)
weave rainclouds are gone, famine, vanishing animal habitat,
the coldest winter in history in many areas, record heat
in the summer as the green cooling canopy of forests is
removed. Flightless fledglings of bird flocks are a tiny fraction of the bird and animal casualties.   Millions of species are disappearing in Mexico, Central and South America, Asian rainforests of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam etc.

It's time to bring in the nonviolent safe and inexpensive alternatives to the deforesting of the planet.

-saiom shriver-

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