Decadent White House


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To French President Hollande,

Obama served caviar,

a decadence of deposed

leaders like past tsars.

Caviar eggs are ripped from sturgeons

without kind anodyne

nor benefit of surgeons.


Far worse on the menu 

were murdered cow pieces.

Obama should give an

example to the world

of dietary peace.


Perhaps when they were

touring Monticello,

perhaps before eating

bone powder Mad Cow Jello,

Obama did not show the leader

Jefferson's slave quarters

nor the shacks of his 6

children by slave Sally Hemings,

all of whom were sold on the

auction block.


Many political leaders are or have been

vegetarian or vegan. Kenneth Kaunda,

many prime ministers of India .. one of whom

was Moraji Desai, Governor Lamm of Colorado,

Representative Andrew Jacobs of Indianapolis,

Senator James Abourezk of South Dakota,

Umberto Veronesi, former health minister of Italy,

Janez Drnovsek, the Slovenian president

among them





Cow flesh causes agony to zillions of animals, copious diseases such as heart disease, cancer, strokes, Alzheimer's, arthristis, kidney breakdown which cause pain and suffering to human beings and  raise the cost of medical care, environmental destruction which has caused record breaking freezing and baking temperatures in 2013 and 2014, energy waste, drought through bulldozing of forests to replace them with cattle ranches.

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