"You see usually I wouldn’t admit this, 

But with you it’s something different,

With you I feel something different.


See I wanna see you all the time,

Like every single day.

I need you in my presence,


And that’s strange.

It’s weird because I’m not the type to want to be around someone that bad.


If I see you today, 

I don’t wanna see you face to face for at least the next two weeks,

Maybe three.


But see you, 

It’s nothing like that.


I want you to invade my space,

I want you to occupy my time. 


But it’s not so much a want, 

It’s becoming a need.


I need to see you, 

Need to be around you.


Only you’re not here,

Not in my city,

Not in the same state.



Why did you have to be so different? “

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