Just Accept It

Just Accept It


Just Accept It, for it’s been paid, the Wrath of God on Christ was laid,

Not for a debt of the Sinless Lamb, but to pay the debt for sinful man,

A debt, that no man could ever pay, so God had created another Way,

Through that bloody cross, at Calvary, so that man could live eternally,


For, it’s appointed for all once to die, this includes my friend you and I,

Then God’s Judgment we all shall face, so God instituted Saving Grace,

With our debt paid in full, not by us, but, all by The Savior, Christ Jesus,

Who died on Calvary’s bloody cross, not for Himself but all sinners lost,


Then Christ was buried in the tomb, a sight with no hope, but only doom,

And in dealing with this tragic matter, all His disciples then would scatter,

Believing that Christ had truly died, truth most men wouldn’t have denied,

But, Scripture was just being fulfilled, His death and burial as God willed,


But our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, by God’s power came back to life,

A Power displayed that day to everyone, which, was given to God’s Son,

Power today, that’s afforded to all men, by His Spirit, as they born again,

Born Anew, through The Spirit of God, while still alive, on this earthly sod.


The Lord died and was put in a grave, so that sinful man God could save,

And through The Lord’s Resurrection, man has been given a new direction,

That Gift which only God could give, that, through His Son man might live,

And all you must do is truly believe, and then Eternal Life, you will receive.


(Copyright ©03/2014 Bob Gotti)

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