Monthly Archive for March 2010

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
(Song) Use Me Poem bountyhunter0001 Sexual Mar 19th
love Poem babbygirl Other Mar 19th
Bit of Luck. Poem kick.ass.lass Mar 19th
AFTER MIDNIGHT Poem emmenay 1 Mar 19th
TRUTH is..... Poem mylovep0etry Mar 19th
Ghosts Poem kick.ass.lass Mar 19th
Chains Of Freedom Poem sanctus Mar 19th
A Lost Child Poem dreamofchasingangel Mar 19th
Drowning here Poem exkaijadesatiro Faith Mar 19th
Respect Poem babbygirl Other Mar 19th
wrong Poem babbygirl Mar 19th
A FRIDAY PRAYER Poem emmenay Mar 19th
SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR Poem ladydp2000 Spirituality Mar 19th
To Death Poem wolfangel87 Mar 19th
Why did you live? Poem wolfangel87 Mar 19th
Crowded by Torture Poem wolfangel87 Mar 19th
Mr. Dependable Poem wolfangel87 Mar 19th
Siren's Lure Poem wolfangel87 Mar 19th
I Can Take Care of Myself Poem wolfangel87 Mar 19th
The Fog Poem wolfangel87 Mar 19th
Explode Poem wishful_thinking Mar 19th
HE HAD TO GO Poem ladydp2000 Tributes/Odes Mar 19th
ONCE UPON A ROSE Poem heatherburns35 Mar 19th
RONNIE Poem ladydp2000 1 Tributes/Odes Mar 19th
Pedestals Poem wishful_thinking Mar 19th
AS YOU PASSED BY Poem heatherburns35 2 Mar 19th
I'm Fine Poem wolfangel87 Mar 19th
Floating Down Poem wolfangel87 Mar 19th
Betrayal Poem wolfangel87 Mar 19th
Through the Looking Glass Poem wolfangel87 Mar 19th
Confession to Death Poem wolfangel87 Mar 19th
Into My World Poem wolfangel87 Mar 19th
Heart Broken Poem mandy4650 Pain/Sorrow Mar 19th
Footnote: Expectation Poem Starward Tanka Mar 19th
01/19/10 Poem running_with_rabbits Mar 19th
On My Own Poem wolfangel87 Mar 19th
Macbeth Act 4: Scene 2, Question 4 Poem running_with_rabbits Mar 19th
FORBIDDEN FRUIT Poem heatherburns35 1 Mar 19th
TIME TRAVELERS /DEDICATED to AFZAL SHAUQ Poem heatherburns35 Mar 20th
POET MAN Poem heatherburns35 2 great poet Mar 20th
Unnoticed Poem dreamcatcher47 love Mar 20th
Trying Poem dreamcatcher47 Music/Musician Mar 20th
bleed on Poem doyle51209 1 Mar 20th
Epigram On Peace Wishing, 2 Poem Starward Abuse Mar 20th
Punks Like Me Poem dreamcatcher47 Life/Living Mar 20th
Footnote: Faux Poet Poem Starward Abuse Mar 20th
At The Peace-Wisher's Preliminary Remarks Poem Starward Abuse Mar 20th
The Chains of Myself Poem jerry_joseph_huggins Pain/Sorrow Mar 20th
You and Me Poem jessro Mar 20th
Past Relationships Poem jessro 1 Mar 20th
In This Heart of Mine Poem jessro Mar 20th
Epigram On Peace Wishing, 1 Poem Starward Acceptance Mar 20th
SMASHED** Poem palewingedpoetess 3 Mar 20th
JUST BETWEEN YOU AND ME Poem emmenay Mar 20th
Every Man Poem poetic7 2 Poetry/Writing Mar 20th
Living Water Poem Avantgarde 2 Mar 20th
XI Poem running_with_rabbits Mar 20th
STOP THIS NOW Poem ladydp2000 1 Life/Living Mar 20th
Yup I’m fucked Poem running_with_rabbits Mar 20th
Teach me oh Jedi Master Poem running_with_rabbits Mar 20th
I'm so sorry Poem LeiDriguez Mar 20th
Clock Poem Avantgarde Mar 20th
Calliope is my Lover Poem Avantgarde Mar 20th
Eratico Poem spacecowboy Mar 20th
Strange sessions Poem spacecowboy Mar 20th
HELLO N' GOODBYE Poem ladydp2000 1 Life/Living Mar 20th
Demons Poem stephanietagle Addiction Mar 20th
SIT TIGHT Poem ladydp2000 Life/Living Mar 20th
Rooted Poem anflanagan Mar 21st
YOUR EVER TRAVELING Poem heatherburns35 1 Mar 21st
AN ARTIST #2 Poem heatherburns35 1 an artist Mar 21st
The heart of our maze Poem indian_princess Mar 21st
Being Poem anflanagan Mar 21st
Patience Poem jaela 3 Mar 21st
LAST NIGHTS DREAM Poem heatherburns35 Mar 21st
Poison Poem jaela 1 Mar 21st
BECAUSE IT'S YOU Poem heatherburns35 because it's you Mar 21st
GOODBYE Poem emmenay 1 Mar 21st
At A Dark Moment On Golgotha Poem Starward Faith Mar 21st
At The Gospel's Good Mood Poem Starward Faith Mar 21st
I NEED YOU Poem heatherburns35 needing someone Mar 21st
My Name Poem dakota 1 Mar 21st
Red In The Black Poem dakota Mar 21st
DRAWING ME BACK Poem heatherburns35 Mar 21st
THE SECRET OF THE ROSE Poem heatherburns35 ROSES Mar 21st
Seeing You Go! Poem Kikaykit 2 Mar 21st
Distant Poem kinky_dominatrix 1 Dream or Reality, mood, moods of life Mar 21st
Consequences Poem blu71 1 Emotionless Mar 21st
I Hurt So Very Bad Poem vilmazab 1 Mar 21st
THE SAFE FAMILIAR ** Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Mar 21st
Thirsty Sieves Poem wishful_thinking Mar 21st
pRoMises Poem blu71 choices Mar 21st
Boomerang Poem wishful_thinking Mar 21st
Here Poem anflanagan Mar 21st
Grotesque Poem Avantgarde Mar 21st
The Savagery of Man Poem blu71 Acceptance Mar 21st
Ugly like the book shelves Poem running_with_rabbits Mar 22nd
bLu fairy Poem blu71 Awakening Mar 22nd
SUNLIGHT Poem blu71 1 Mar 22nd
The girl in English Class Poem running_with_rabbits Mar 22nd
I can only blame me Poem running_with_rabbits Mar 22nd
I still love you Poem running_with_rabbits Mar 22nd
The moon and stars tonight Poem blondelf Fantasy/Magic Mar 22nd
THE BETTER HALF OF MY SOUL Poem emmenay Mar 22nd
MY BELOVED Poem emmenay 1 Mar 22nd
ain’t no gold at the end of a rainbow Poem 9inety Mar 22nd
تغازلنى عيناك Poem safee love Mar 22nd
THE BELOVED MATTERS Poem emmenay 1 Mar 22nd
Why did it take so long- for her to see? Poem blondelf Fate/Destiny Mar 22nd
عيت من كثرة انتظارى Poem safee Mar 22nd
God gave me a hero. Poem blondelf Heroism/Heroes Mar 22nd
My true love is- my notebook and my pen Poem blondelf Poetry/Writing Mar 22nd
(Undesided. title) (idk yet) Poem blondelf love Mar 22nd
Hello; I’m Ashley Poem running_with_rabbits Mar 22nd
Hair cut Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Mar 22nd
depression Poem necro-zydrate 2 Suicide Mar 22nd
Another sip of death Poem muneca522 Abuse Mar 22nd
YOU CAN'T MAKE ME Poem ladydp2000 1 Life/Living Mar 22nd
newness Poem kayspoems Mar 22nd
The Westward Sun Poem lioninwinter68 death Mar 22nd
Epigram From A Dream Poem Starward Beauty Mar 22nd
ROPES WILL TURN TO GOLD Poem heatherburns35 ropes Mar 22nd
THE UNTOUCHABLE Poem heatherburns35 a silhouette Mar 22nd
AGAIN ONCE UPON A ROSE Poem heatherburns35 Mar 22nd
MY FAVORITE POEM Poem heatherburns35 1 Children Mar 22nd
Power Poem amaru911 Culture/Society Mar 23rd
Sleep Travel Poem metsrock2289 Mar 23rd
Jesus you are amazing Poem christianpoetry... Mar 23rd
The Ballad of King Wilson Poem metsrock2289 Mar 23rd
Baby Poem metsrock2289 Mar 23rd
To Naima (Hard Words) Poem shawon1982 Mar 23rd
To Naima (Rain Drops) Poem shawon1982 Mar 23rd
I MISS HIM PAGE!* Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 23rd
I want to spread the word Poem christianpoetry... Mar 23rd
Mind Fields Poem demented_irishman Abstract, confusion, insanity, visions Mar 23rd
Everytime Poem Silver__lining Mar 23rd
INTO A BUSY STREET** Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 23rd
What Am I Doing? Poem Silver__lining Mar 23rd
To Naima (Black Spot) Poem shawon1982 Mar 23rd
To Naima (The Paradise) Poem shawon1982 Mar 23rd
Trigger Poem thelohaspiral Mar 23rd
Father, Have I Sinned? Poem metaphorist Mar 23rd
belief Poem kayspoems Mar 23rd
Tonight Poem Avantgarde 2 Mar 23rd
I Cry Poem amaru911 Depression Mar 23rd
Jesus you are amazing Poem geneconner2008 Mar 23rd
Smile Poem Avantgarde Mar 23rd
I want to spread the word Poem geneconner2008 Mar 23rd
A LONE TREE Poem emmenay 1 Mar 23rd
Love goes on Poem geneconner2008 Mar 23rd
Confessions of a Lady Poem maddiejace Mar 23rd
عندليب Poem nasheed Mar 24th
شــدّي يالسفينة Poem nasheed Mar 24th
Certainties: Ars Poetica Poem Starward Tanka Mar 24th
عمــــــــــــــــــــاد Poem nasheed Mar 24th
Just Stop Poem Silver__lining 1 Mar 24th
ويبقى صالح أعلى Poem nasheed Mar 24th
ليلة أخيرة Poem nasheed Mar 24th
أيدركُنــــي Poem nasheed Mar 24th
عيدية Poem nasheed Mar 24th
Footnote: Maturation Poem Starward 1 Tanka Mar 24th
Certainties: Distinctions Poem Starward Tanka Mar 24th
Footnote: Defense Pro Se Poem Starward 1 Tanka Mar 24th
Footnote: Collegiate, 03 Poem Starward 1 Tanka Mar 24th
To Naima (My Passion) Poem shawon1982 Mar 24th
3 AM Poetry Poem Silver__lining Mar 24th
11:43 PM Poem AlexC 1 love Mar 24th
FOREVER LOST Poem heatherburns35 2 forever lost Mar 24th
WITH EACH STEP Poem heatherburns35 Mar 24th
عرفان Poem nasheed Mar 24th
"Corrupting The Poet's Garden Rows" Poem The1TrueMojo Abstract Mar 24th
HAPPY BIRTHDAY/AFZAL SHAUQ Poem heatherburns35 birthday wish Mar 24th
A VALENTINE Poem heatherburns35 Mar 24th
To Naima (Angry Honey) Poem shawon1982 Mar 24th
Footnote: Intention, 1 Poem Starward Tanka Mar 24th
Valentine's Massacre Poem Avantgarde Mar 24th
To Naima (Tender Lips) Poem shawon1982 Mar 24th
To Naima (The Photos) Poem shawon1982 Mar 24th
NIGHT Poem kiwi 1 Nature/Environment Mar 24th
جباليــــــا Poem nasheed Mar 24th
شوق Poem nasheed Mar 24th
أنا الشعب الفلسطيني Poem nasheed Mar 24th
سَكَابـــا Poem nasheed Mar 24th
صباح الورد Poem nasheed Mar 24th
هـدِّي هَي يا ريمه Poem nasheed Mar 24th
صـــُــوَر Poem nasheed Mar 24th
يمان Poem nasheed Mar 24th
Maroon Poem spacecowboy Mar 24th
Vampire of Misery Poem dreamofchasingangel Mar 24th
Lacrymosai Poem dreamofchasingangel Mar 24th
Love From Afar Poem dreamofchasingangel 1 Mar 24th
MISSING DAPHNE Poem emmenay 1 Mar 24th
THE ONE Poem emmenay Mar 24th
THE LOVING HEART Poem emmenay 1 Mar 24th
THE POET'S MORNING Poem emmenay Mar 24th
I Know A Lady Vampire Poem dreamofchasingangel Mar 24th
THE TAVERN AND THE GOBLET Poem emmenay Mar 24th
LAST NIGHT Poem emmenay Mar 24th
A Poem For An Angel Poem dreamofchasingangel Mar 24th
My Sorrow Grows Poem dreamofchasingangel 1 Mar 24th
I Love You Poem dreamofchasingangel 1 Mar 24th
Hijab By: Amira Nafiseh Poem emanschool Mar 24th
MY SAQI* Poem emmenay Mar 24th
ADVICE Poem emmenay 1 Mar 24th
COBRAS AND THE MONGOOSE Poem emmenay Mar 24th
A b.j. for My Birthday Poem dreamofchasingangel Mar 24th
THE ROSE AND THE NIGHTINGALE Poem emmenay 1 Mar 24th
An Angel Named Brandy Poem dreamofchasingangel Mar 25th
DAWN AT THE TAVERN Poem emmenay Mar 25th
Days are lost, and times is too. Poem blondelf Acceptance Mar 25th
Ode To You Poem goldendiamond1 Mar 25th
Pounding Afraid Poem sanctus Mar 25th
A New Beginning: Possibilities Poem goldendiamond1 Mar 25th
The Night Is Lonely Poem sanctus 1 Mar 25th
*Sigh* Poem goldendiamond1 Mar 25th
God's Newest Angel Poem dreamofchasingangel Mar 25th
A Roller coaster called Life Poem emadjav Mar 25th
Come On Baby, Let Me Put It In^^ Poem dreamofchasingangel Mar 25th
I FEEL SORRY FOR A STONE Poem emmenay 2 Mar 25th
THE VEIL OF TIME Poem heatherburns35 1 Mar 25th
Love or Death Poem nobodyshero 2 Hope Mar 25th
Dark Dreams Poem blueeyes Mar 25th
Whatever Poem nobodyshero 1 Lost love Mar 25th
falling for you Poem ChandaHealton Being Loved Mar 25th
SPRING FLOWERS. Poem kiwi 1 Nature/Environment Mar 25th
Hand in Hand Poem blueeyes 1 Mar 25th
WHAT DEATH CANNOT STEAL Poem emmenay 1 Mar 25th
Untitled -- 3.25.2010 Poem blondelf Stress Mar 25th
EARLY FLIGHT Poem heatherburns35 early flight Mar 25th
Cry Poem exkaijadesatiro Mar 25th
Ode of Pablo Neruda... Poem SoulKritiC In Memory Mar 25th
PROTECTION Poem heatherburns35 protection Mar 25th
Patience Poem quidseeker Mar 25th
scary moment Poem quidseeker Mar 25th
TIRELESS UNTRUTH SLAYER* Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 26th
DISTANCES Poem heatherburns35 Mar 26th
WHEN RAINDROPS SMILE Poem emmenay Mar 26th
Reflections on the Transfiguration Poem blumentopf Mar 26th
ANOTHER FRIDAY Poem emmenay 2 Mar 26th
Tom Poem shredknives death Mar 26th
A BEAUTIFUL REFLECTION POOL Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 26th
THE TIME FOR BONDING Poem heatherburns35 1 Mar 26th
MONEY Poem heatherburns35 1 Mar 26th
The Wing Reaper Poem Juliet8 death Mar 26th
What Do You When You Love Someone Poem KingGeorge love Mar 26th
DreamAngelChaser Poem dreamofchasingangel Mar 26th
AN ARTFUL DODGER WAS SHE Poem emmenay 1 Mar 26th
There Is Always Hope Poem dreamofchasingangel Mar 26th