Last night I went again to the tavern

After wasting my time talking to a raven

The goblet that soothes reinvigorated me

And ready I was to deal with my heart's mayhem.

The saqi was in no mood to talk like always

Instead it was I who praised her poise and grace

Thanking her for keeping the balm that comforts

Broken hearts like mine and shatters not trusts.

All the so-called shunners of wine

Secretly long to come here and dine

God the Greatest cannot be deceived

So revel in what is given O Naveed!

He who knows the known and unknown

Also knows how you suffered and mourn

For those who return your love with hate

Think not of them nor about your fate.

God Almighty, my Allah, is most merciful

He is not haughty and vain or disdainful

The tavern is a place where you must come

To be in rapport with Him with a cup that's full.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed sometime ago, posted on March 24, 2010.

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