Just Stop

January 2010

It has been so long, and I simply still can not forget,
tell me what we had was real, or if it is all just regrets,
for what you have done to my heart, no one else could do,
for the only one who will ever own it, from the first day was you.
I wish I could go back a year, so I can feel the "real" we had,
now I can barely talk to you, and the situation is going bad,
at least New Years was a night, in public I put it all to chance,
and with you it was perfect, which is why I decided to dance.
From the start of the best, with the wahs huhs and whys,
to the ending on the phone, with all the tears in my eyes,
to the things we did together, never getting in each others way,
I now have nothing felt but depression, and my very own D Day.
When we started was foolish, I never knew it to be fate,
love should only grow stronger, but apparently "yours" does abate,
questioning what we had, and if it was ever even real,
and if false pretense is the case, then my heart you did steal.
My days seem less important, my parties simply will never do,
when every single second, is spent without you,
just like playing pool, you were the stick and me the cue,
but it took an "angel" like you, to make love feel less true.
The only thing that heals a cut so deep, is everlasting time,
but how long do I have to wait, for true love to be mine,
that last item you have, is my property, my heart,
now give it back, you are too ungrateful, let the healing start.

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Mss KaNaka's picture

An emotional person wite with imagery, well done. Jus one thought, 0"questioning what we had, and it it was ever even real," I think ou meant "and if it" not "and it it".