A day in March it was

When she told me:

"To be too good

Is always dangerous".

I realised not then

That I would miss her so

Even years after

She has gone.

Wise Daphne

Still remains

A rare woman

She was and is.

Like Cirius in the heavens

She outshines

All the rest of her kind

Even on this March day

As she did

More than two decades ago

On a similar March day.

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Posted on March 24, 2010.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

True love is in the unforgettable aspect of a thought, a memory, a vague dream of something so beautiful. Love is an energy that never dies, never tires and never leaves. Love is a companion for the soul. The fuel that makes that soul burn all the more brighter. Combine two loves into one and they as one are an unstoppable force, more constant than infinity. Poetry is one of the few languages love universally speaks. You make many so glad that they can comprehend and speak your language. you know who!........ so why type it? laughs