(Dedication Acrostic)

R-onnie, remember her voice,and infectious laughter.There was not

O-ther best friend like she was and never will be for me anymore.She was so

N-atural, sweet and caring,a beautiful human being.She was truly

N-ice, best friend that anyone would like to have around all the time.And

I-n my heart and memories you, Ronnie, will always remain and live.

E-arthly and full of games and fun she was.She knew how to live life to the fullest and she did..

C-ourageous and brave, she was like a breeze of fresh air.She was a true and loyal friend.

O-n any given day she was always willing to help and give a hand to you or me.

G-reat memories and times we enjoyed for many years.How she laughed and joked!Your

E-ntire life she always tried to do and be her best in everything.We surely had fun with family!

R-onnie was my best friend and she was my sis.I loved her very much and miss her terribly.

T-oday, and everyday of my life I will always love and remember her forever.

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


March 19,2010

Author notes:

This is my loving tribute poem, to my sis and best friend ever,Ronnie Cogert.I do thank God so much

for letting me know her personally for all those wonderful years.She was a blessing!

I just wish with all my heart that she was still here with her beloved and sweet daughter Jennifer,and with

all of us, who truly loved her and appreciated her very much and always will.We all love you Jenni!

R.I.P. Ronnie, my very sweet,best friend!You were truly more than a blood sister to me!


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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

what a beautiful ode to your sister as sis and as friend. I absolutely love the picture you used on this piece as well. I decorate myself like the victorian background of this pic and love the gentleness of victorian things and the era itself...