Night is like a monster

Which threatens to devour me

When my beloved one

Is not around.

The half moon hides

Behind dark clouds

And the spring breeze pauses

Like a frightened angel

Stopped while on its way

To greet incurable romantics.

The lonely heart looks

All around

A glance at the cell phone

A quick look at the emails

In a bid for some comfort

Which only her presence brings.

But silence pervades

On the wings of emptiness.

She may be asleep

She may be busy

Says the lovelorn heart

And the mind holds on

Grasping the memories

Of the moments shared with her.

Where there is true love

There is an innate understanding

Which always cares

And thinks of the beloved's well-being

And peace and comfort.

And the soul readies itself

To battle the demons lurking

In the shadows of temporary darkness.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed and posted on March 22, 2010.

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Mss KaNaka's picture

I like this poem, well done.