Dark Dreams

I close my eyes, the darkness, closes over me,

still can see, the glint of your eyes,

still can taste, the sound of your sighs.

I still ache, from where your hands, traced,

down my skin, I still bleed, from where,

your lips, did their deed, and I still ache,

because, I burn, with need.

The feel of you beneath me, against me,

surrounding, pulling, at me......

the only drug, I'd ever need, the only thing,

that makes, this cold heart speed, the only,

the only thing, I would need, ever need.

I still feel you, taste you, smell you,

in my sheets, on my skin, in my mind,

you burn again, and your laughter....echoes,

it echoes, from these silent walls, in this,

silent house, it echoes, over the gentle sound,

of pillow muffled screams.

I love the memory, the memory, of your smile,

your laughing eyes, your wicked grin,

loving hands, body made for sin, sinful pleasures,

holy beyond belief, I love the memories, more,

than the sanity, my sanity, as, I, lose a bit,

more, every time, I play again, the memories,

of you, screaming in my head, screaming,

streaming through, streaming in through,

my veins.

Sunlight comes, sneaking in, sunlight comes,

bleeding through, uncovering the eyes,

dispersing lies, fed lovingly, fed,

longingly, to appease, the aching, achingly,

empty void, from where, the emptiness flows,

from where, the loneliness grows.

The sunlight comes, burning in, vanishing,

dream held fantasies, banishing, the angel,

of my dreams, the angel, more perfect than,

any, of the silver screen, perfect, because,

she's mine, perfect, because, she's real,

somewhere, somewhen, sometime, she will be,

in my arms, held, safe from harm, and mine,

to love, so achingly.

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