The sun laughed at the lover's misery and said:

"Wasted you your time on the proud and the callous"

The breeze also smiled and offered advice:

"Be wise O heart-broken lover, be wise..."

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but then
the moon
tenderly turned
offering 'A Lunar Promise'
and embraced the lover's
slumped shoulders
and gently encouraged
with her glimmering beams
of enchanting white light
have faith dear man
she reverently whispered
have faith
for she who waits
and waits for your heart
holds steadfast
and tolerantly understands
that through these paths of mockery
you too must tread
and what seems indifferent
near hellish at times in fact
is but the mere catalyst
for that which you
so loyally bled
that gloriously beautiful
aching wound
left openly bleeding
by the interruption
of love eternal...........
you know who! why type it?