Seeing You Go!

I am surrounded by hostility

Eight to ten hours a day.

You are the only positive vibes

That surrounds me everyday.

The world I roam around

Is not where I wanted to be

I am actually trapped

Not by choice but because I need to stay .

With all the misery

That haunts me  

You bring me positive energy

to deal with this along the way.

But the moment has to come.

You as well, will go away.

The one who lifts me up

Every moment, I wanted to stop.


Seeing you go is painful

But it will be selfish of me

If I hope that you will stay

For something out there is more wonderful.

I just wish you my friend

That you will never forget me

That you will still be there

To lift me up if I surrender.

All I want to say is to take care

And just so you know  

That you have been so dear

Your impact to me is so much to let it go.  

I will miss you so much!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i hate saying goodbye to friends who leave. Just a few months ago, another close friend left. WHy do people close to me had to go?

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Have to go

Is/not were - you have verb tense issues. Farewells are hard, putting down the emotion left behind is difficult: You said goodbye,/I felt abandoned/ you got on the train/ I felt like tracks leading in the opposite direction/ you promised to write/and you did for a few months/you said goodbye/now I know it was forever - The story and the feeling...Lady A



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Gee...Thanks for pointing my mistakes...didn't even notice it. ...Kiks