After midnight, when most of the world

Is fast asleep

It is at this time that the forlorn in love

Remain awake and weep, weep and weep...

And spend the hours talking with stars...

And the stars tell them that

Every man and woman fall in love but

Not everyone is destined to be lucky

And those like me

Nod their heads affirmatively.

For I too know that when spring-time comes

And Saba* caresses the gardens

Not every flower is destined to bloom

And likewise even I

Found myself withered and torn

After the one whom my heart and soul loved

Was snatched away from me quite cruelly

By the unforeseen scheme of destiny.

So I agree with what the stars tell me

That every man and woman may fall in love

But not all of them are destined to be lucky...

Not all of them

Including me

Including me...

I tried my best to outwit fate

But somehow I ended up losing her

Who always meant everything to me

Everything to me

My sweet Daphne...

And as I lie and ponder I also plead to God

To not allow fate to snatch once more

The one who has come out to save me

To save me

To save me...

Who with her loving words and care

Sends dejection flying away from me

Away from me

Away from me...

And I want to spend this lovelorn night

Lost in my dreams of endless hopes.

Let nobody come and steal my dreams

For my dreams are the only thing

Left with me

Left with me...

The only things to keep me going

And existing

And carrying on with surviving...

Let me while away these after-midnight hours

By talking to the stars twinkling above

And also listening to some songs about love

To help me dream about the one I love

And wishing that only good happens now

Till sleep takes me in comforting embrace

And makes me forget myself completely

Along with my lovelorn destiny

My destiny

My destiny...

And I also want to tell God's angels too

To not repeat the mistake they once made

When Daphne and I were going great

How she was snatched away from me

Away from me

Away from me...

So, please, O my dear God Almighty

Let me not be a loser once again

For I cannot bear the pain once more

No I can't

I just can't

I just can't...

Only you O my dear loving God

Have the power to make me lucky

Make me lucky

Make me lucky

As well as her who truly loves me

Truly loves me

Truly loves me...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*Saba: The gentle breeze of Spring.
Composed and posted on March 19-20,2010.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

why even the dawn
would not dare now
break thee
for thy is a spear
in the very heart of
the sun
and into the valley
of the night
the battle is taken
and restlessly won
ye with all your
precious draperies
of sentiment and love
this world leaves
'Few Souvenirs' to thee
worth having saved
and kept
so to those tired, distant
disbelieving and wounded eyes
from a pocket of true tenderness
a hanker chief this poetry pulls
to dry those tears you've silently
you know who! why type it?