Confessions of a Lady

1998 - 2010

I have character and class,
Dreams reaching longer than a bridge.
I don't believe in hinderance, and I will
Make my daddy proud.

Little girls have no control
And can't say no
To little boys
Playing a show disguised as men
From their day job to their clothes.
Mama took the time to make me wise
And made sure to let me me know:
"You're a stand-up little lady
The inner girl has got to go."

Little boy who likes his tricks who show it all,
Up close and personal:
We could never love if self-respect is never beautiful.
But we could love if ever your trashy standards
And since you'll never see me clear, my every thought
Is hypothetical.

I will not be vilianized
Because I think before I sleep.
And I will not be terrorized
Into begging on my knees.
In case you didn't get it: Listen,
I'm a real illusionist, a master
Of her gifts who keeps her tricks
Her biggest secret.

While you hold your hopeless trick
I'll always be your biggest wish
You'll be the best I never had,
And I'll be proud we never did
Cause I have character and class
And I don't need you next to me
Little boy, I'll turn my back to you
And never feel a thing.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written March 23, 2010

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