There Is Always Hope


There will always be times

When you feel utterly alone

Times when your sorrow

has simply grown

To the point where

All you know is despair

Times when the world seems against you

Times when it seems

There is no one to help you

Times when it seems that

No one truly cares

We all have times like this in our life

Times when there seems to be

Nothing but strife

Times when you may even wish

To take your own life

But if you can find the strength

To lift your head

Wipe away your tears

And get out of bed

You just may see that there is

Hope for your plight

And as you bask in the glory

Of the morning sun

Know that the first battle

Has truly been won

And that you will not be consumed

By the darkness of the night

Know that every day brings new hope

And with that, joy

And the strength to cope

As your soul is filled

With the warmth of Heavenly light

Now face every challenge

With renewed vigor

As the strength in your soul

Becomes greater and greater

And you will see that there is

Nothing you cannot fight

Whatever problems may lie ahead

Know that each night

When you rest your head

That when morning comes

The sun will again

Bring the light.

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