January 2010

Everytime you turn away, and say bye without a care,
you rip a part of my heart, and take a piece of me with you there,
you may still be able to knock out my lights, and you seem to always leave me crying,
I will still find a way to be happy, and my lights will start shining.
Everytime we argue, you always seem to win,
I am always the one apologizing, since there is still a piece of you under my skin,
please come back to me, I can barely stand on my own two feet,
it figures you were my bike stand, and I need you back to ever feel complete.
Just like chemistry, everytime I get close it seems too right,
no matter how painful your beauty is, I will always think of you at night,
everytime I see the stars, I wish they were through a different window,
I hate myself for allowing it to happen over the phone, and for simply just letting you go.

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