O the relentless images of eerie nights

How they merge with my own gloom inside!

The silhouette pervading over my loneliness

Is appalling and taxing, diminishing the lights.

There once was a presence, a comforting one

Which, with its encouragement, supported one

Now that presence has been taken away

And all that is left is a longing wholesome.


Most folks of this time are materialistic

They measure even love with the yardstick of wealth

While those like me want but love's warmth

Know only to give away everything in plenty.


There lives a woman who consults the stars

And often talks of Mercury, Jupiter and Mars

She once said she was there with her healing touch

But in her heart do grudge and bitterness lurk.

She likes to meddle in music and songs

And in a lonely life, she came along

Saying she, like Christ, sought to cure those

Who had been shattered and were in grip of woes.

But her own mind-set is unsure about things

And she to the lonely can just despair bring

She also promises but her nature is such

She cannot deliver with her deeds very much.

She broods on how to inflict torture and harm

On someone she herself called as her dearest

Silently she creeps, stealthily she acts

And with uncanny skill she becomes fiercest.

Her words are honey-laced, her enticement keen

Like Delilah*, very sharp, very hideously clean

It is when she struck suddenly like a snake

That a fool got stung by her venomous spleen.

So after seeing a woman like her that I knew

The world is getting worse for me and the few

Who like me, are in the search for those

Who, as friends and as lovers, are true.

Who harbour no grudge against hearts or minds

Who deceive none with love or fool being kind

Who have a clear heart and a virtuous sense

But wait silly man, where can one such a soul find?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*Delilah: The beautiful woman who deceived Samson with her loving ways, as mentioned in the Bible.

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