3 AM Poetry

January 2010

The simplest poetry, where misspelled words seem so right,
you can close your eyes and fantasize, as your sentences take flight,
it is the late night composing, where you let your feelings be shared,
you were not there when I needed you, which shows how little you cared.
3 AM poetry is the top notch best, where you can do all your love seeking,
you can think all night long, as your destiny starts peeking,
your life seems so simple, you can completely control,
you use your best goggles, to see into your foggy soul.
So many things I learn, so many to soon know,
I need to find myself, at least this I know,
for when I figure out who I am, this storm I will learn to solely weather,
for when we are in each others company, I am sick of seeing our shadows together.

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