Another night has gone

Just the way it came

Another false dawn in the air

And another dirge of despair...

This misfit pilgrim has to carry on

Living and dying, both at the same time

With drinks, music, cigars and rhyme.

The people wake up to greet the new day

While with my sad heart in the tavern I stay

Unable to forget, unwilling to remember

Bittersweet days of snowy December.

My friends at the tavern -- all have gone

Like the night, leaving me with the Saqi*

I too must get up and bid my adieu

As the fair and kind Saqi will not approve

Of odd broken hearts fleeing daylight

Or minds seeking peace, except at night.

Robbed of the right to earn a living

I want to be what I am born to be -- something

Taking a pen I put thoughts on paper

To ease the aches of A heart that is dying.

I look at the Saqi whose eyes are sleepy

And smile like a man who enjoyed being there.

But from eyes so alluring the Saqi conveys

That the time has come to close the good place.

The place where men like me often visit

To drown their sorrows and get up feeling fit.

It is time to rise and go and my feet start moving

To cope with another stretch of a lonely living.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

SAQI*: A beautiful, veiled woman, who gives drinks to the thirsty.

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