What Am I Doing?

January 2010

There is a lot I do not yet know, much still for me to learn,
hard to think I will forget you, while my wheels continue to turn,
all the liquor stores are closed, so I figure I will just lay in dark,
close my eyes to light, as the thought of you is the brightest spark.
Gets me down that we must always stay, as the closest of friends,
even though we spoke the intoxicated truth, your metal refuses to bend,
but that one shared moment, was enough to cause an emotional accident,
really wish I never felt this way, feel like dollar bills, way too spent.
I hate that this happened, this is the worst possible scam,
I hate realizing I am Jim, and you seem to be my Pam,
I know the right from the wrong, know everyone learns from their mistakes,
but it is hard to think us wrong, when I know that nothing was fake.

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