A New Baby


There is a little baby

Growing in his mother's womb

He'll start to acomplish many things

as soon as he is born.

He'll learn that crying gets results

And so he'll do it often

And then it won't be long before

He's sitting up and crawling.

Here come baby's teeth

Causing mommy many sleepless nights

She'll hold her loving baby

To comfort him all night.

Once he starts to walk

He'll really drive his mother nuts

Getting into everything

And causing lots of fuss.

Food that seems to go everywhere

Except into his mouth

It seems every time he eats

He's gonna need a bath.

Before you know it the terrible two's

Come to rear their ugly head

Giving mommy more reasons

To want to rest her head.

Now he's five and it's time

For baby to go to school

Once he's there he'll learn

He has to follow lot's of rules.

For the next twelve years

This place called school is where he'll go

Making lots of friends and hopefully

Learning more and more.

Tonight he graduates

His mother is so proud

When the principle called his name

She shouted her excitement out loud.

Now it's off to college

To expand the knowledge in his mind

So many things he can study

But there's only so much time.

The world is his oyster

As he chooses what to do

He could work toward curing cancer

Or finding some other way to help the world.

Helping to stop pollution

Or fighting hunger around the globe

The sky's the limit, there's no telling

What he'll be able to do.

But in the midst of it all he married

And his wife had a little girl

Now he is a family man

And not traveling around the world.

His mother is so happy, as she is now a grandma

She love's her sons new family

His wife and his little girl.

And she truly loves the life she's lived

And how she raised her son

She thinks about him every night

When the day is done.

I guess I could go on and on

Telling more of their lives in bits and portions

But the thing is, none of this happened

Because his mother had aborted him.

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