A new route of milk-stream

a new  route of honey hive

new route of gold pot

hand strikening applause like church congregation

foot trampling like elephant hoof

the snow ice-berg brand hurtful body

trying to settle the deal of dawn in flatful-belly

catapult lulled the victim

with report of stone-messanger

we see the hungrying mice

coming out clear to nausate

the spring water sand

there stop,here go

sourced is on our feet-thumb

we cross the mountain

the hill

as well as ocean and sea

we are gun,we gun and spare grenade

we are the wall builder

where do you build your own?

past loosers possessed many hats

on the blasteringless side sofa

honest feighning to dupe victims

we jilt the nature to broad the way

tooth of winners built the strong wall

hard wall skin scrape fake orderers

air smoked with contrition

with dilution of children's scream

of scare runners leg powder

to sound the echo name of our name

their touchless-soil leg

pronounce the toxic and valid smell

clearless climate of our tender treasure

Author's Notes/Comments: 

'the divine save makes the sky live as roof of earth'we save  if we can save'

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