uplifted plight

circling issues that are not mine to approach

so tempted to turn around and count another roach

stumbling past tests by the skin of my teeth

silently standing up for my beliefs

singing out my pains and smiling my way to joy

hoping to be accepted as i sit and play coy

believing for a blessing that's bigger than me

one that's so real i can feel it and see

it's been set aside with only my name

a gift for behaving and winning the game

prove that you're real all of the time

and more than a woman submersed in the slime

run to the edge of the beginning of forever

open your mind and be more than just clever

widen the prospects of what you can do

being self taught as a selected few

get close enough to know the real you

and  maybe even learn a thing or two

themselves not realizing that they are your student

and that learning from you is the ultimate compliment

to being in your presence and smiling back

relieveing the loneliness releasing the lack

unconditional acceptance, the ultimate love

the only intensity i truly dream of

i may already have it but certainty is later

reliving it all will make all greater

so for now i will let go and fluidly live

continue to teach, continue to give

i have nothing left but intangible means

to continue moving through these challenging scenes

good thing to be blessed with a mind that's vast

i know i will be first and not ever the last!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the journey has a plan and many perspectives...i try to see as many as i can

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