By the Riviera pool,

A cool drink and Marilyn,

And the moon too smiles,

As eyes exchange more dreams.

The Crepe Deschien on her,

Conveys a stronger message,

Let everything fade and melt,

As subtle intimacy awakes.

Such a soulful companion,

Adorned by effervescence,

Urges us to link onwards,

To realms of sheer exuberance.

The sips we share slowly,

Of Champagne and Perrier,

Dissolve all murky cobwebs,

And increase her resplendance.

In her eyes is fondness,

And soothing luminiscence,

Once again the moon smiles,

And time hangs in suspense.

How to forget this poetess,

And her adoration,

Is a struggle for my soul,

In its extreme numbness.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on August the 10th, 2008.

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