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I like to sit back and listen to my music, somtimes write songs, spend time with my friends work and write. i now play airsoft and have
5 kids.

to try to show her I can do it. I herd about this page from my uncle Jim. Hes a good poet check his stuff out.
Theres not much about my life I can say but I have 2 loves in my I music, and my kids. I live a pretty boring life. I hope you like what I write. Just to let you know I cant spell somethings so just bare with me. Thank you. Newest news i have 4 kids. i just got back on here after 3 years. so lots of stuff to write about.

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Well it like the peice of crap I am. Ugly!

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''Your childhood was over the moment you knew you were going to die''


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