i am naughty,i am villain

in the screen infront of world

i am cycling the world on melancholy

i keep the world around my enemities

i watch with care-free upon my carcanworm

they put me on the spare face

to shrug my devilous shoulder

to dub my intellecual

oh no! i shun the cause of the devoid

i am really need by the side of my mumsy

i could tell the death my offence

why i am so bad

that i can not take my eyes

out the ocean-fort

to derage my pallapha

i was monitored,i am watched my fault

i think not to enhance the chastity

my popsy land hoe no to remove the useless grass

growing around my plantation

i can't tell you

i am the caused

i am the used

i am that violence hat that cane my sibling

     may be i should adjust

           oh yes! i must mint    

i am growing tree of thick shady

stretching millions branches,billions leaves

siblings are screaming in my mind

looking and reflecting my image

expecting future from my feet

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the poem asaling the cost of youth in the present problem of the world,so i am trying to offer my dear youths colleagues the reason to sense the better mind and make our way free.youths are the deans of near-futute faculties,what we leave today,we meet our way tomorrow

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owlcrkbrg's picture

Thank you. I like your poems, too. Here is one of mine I think you might like:

~Outsource Ours~

Please send this mundane job to India.
I don't want to do it anymore.
There's a tree limb that extends
out over a nearby lake
large enough for me to sit
and daydream from. Please

send my lover's work to China
so she can join me on the branch.
With her voice, my words, we'll try to sing
the philosophy of the birds. Please

send all the gold offshore. There's nothing
I want to buy. Automobiles and malls
frighten me and the deer,
and I think it would be grand
if the gross national product
of the United States of America
were to be happy people and beasts.

"There is no good writing, only good editing."