Difficult month

Difficult month

It’s been a crazy

Month for me with

My hormones it’s

Feel like they’re in my

Body saying let’s have

A party lory won’t mind.

Lets break her down

Hard make her sore

And knock her out

Once and for all but

It doesn’t work I always

Find a way to come back

You might break me but

You’ll never kill me. But

I’m happy about one thing

The most seizures I have

Is 2 or 3 a month tops so

that’s a great thing!

Aug 13th 2008

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Sam Edwards's picture

Hang in there! Hey we got back from Munich on Fri. and Saturday my wife's Mom had a diebetic black-out while driving about 70 mph on the Interstate. My Father-in-law was riding with her and could not do anything about it. She was in three lanes weaving back and forth and cars were noticing her erradic behavior and tried to get her to stop but to no avail. She finally hit a toll booth on the Southern connector, thank the Lord no one was inside of it. She is fine but my father-in-law has injuries and they also found reoccuring cancer in his neck and stomach area! Wow! As I said, hang in there, we are praying for you and your condition as well. God Bless!!!!!!--Sam