All Is Well

The End Times

They simply say all is well, as multitudes are on the way to Hell,

Facing instead, strong reproof, for not embracing Eternal Truth,

And not from the clergy friend, but, from the Creator in the end,

When every single knee shall bow, about choices here and now.

Gospel Truth is what I proclaim, not on my own but in His Name,

The one who gave me new life, God’s Eternal Son, Jesus Christ,

He alone, made this declaration, to preach Truth to every nation,

From Jerusalem into all the world, the only Truth we must herald.

With Heaven to gain, Hell to shun, our directive is from The Son,

All marching orders from above, to teach His sacrifice and love,

The love for us that paid the price, leading Him to be a sacrifice,

Going up to the Cross of Calvary; to gain for all us life eternally.

Although Christ died, He rose again, to be the Savior of all men,

To forgive and pardon all sin, of all who find God’s Truth in Him,

He rose again to be the Door, for all believers to live once more,

When we leave this earthly sod, to then live forever with our God.

All may be well in a present state, but life’s not just temporal fate,

And all shall be accountable, to Christ, who died on Calvary’s Hill,

And eternity’s a very long time, if misled by pure reason or rhyme,

So why not take the time today, to truly embrace God’s only Way.

(Copyright ©08/2008)

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