Sonnet-18 (Your Mercy)

sʇǝuuos ʎɯ

You gave me mercy but I couldn’t realize,

I was too helpless and you hold my hand.

When I was puzzled you saved from demise,

And you protected me falling down on land!

I was always a fool; I could not see you,

Forgive me! I am week! Help me my lord.

Give me your mercy to start my life new!

Give me capability to remember your word.

If I feel alone, you fill my emptiness,

If I become ill, you become my health!

If I need some love, you give me caress,

If I become poor, you become my wealth!

God! You know I am far away from family,

You hold my hands and be my company!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

7th and 8th August 2008 (Rhyme Scheme-‘ababcdcd efefgg’)

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