Hyacinth garden

I connect to the sky by the dragonflies whisper.

I am the cloud that worked at drifting all day.

a sweet incense-cloud, I harmonize to miracles and fables.

candles cast furtive shadows on my wall.

until stars alight and night arrives alone.

small changes regret creeping up the hall.

night broods in loneliness as the sun leaves its burning throne.

from the moon wizard I feel the ache he illuminates my shelter craving.

now the queen of sleep makes me drowsy with her ambrosia.

rapid tides send the perfume of her fame.

her black silk glistens in the west.

summer waves rise along the sandy shore where a woman is laughing.

she is a woman deft at singing sweetly, an expert in dance and song.

as she sings every eye fills with tears that change to smiles before too long.

she can make the night mellow, her spirit cascades like an undying well of passion.

she is the only woman who is dancing, while heaven follows her fashion.

the sea deepens fathomless with color from jade.

poet, use your art express, the life of a this woman.

see the strain within the whites of her eyes.

shadows of hibiscus dance upside-down in harmony with the mist.

like a long poem, I gaze with wistful eyes amid amorous sighs.

I look for her but, I am all alone and my tears fall down.

a clear wind blows across the sky, and the moon widens its ripple.

the sand is graceful, the water tranquil, no echo in the song that is sung.

her lashes flutter as I listen to a song different from mine own.

tonight’s song is the loveliest, her song is my fate I know I could nurse her care.

I could hear her prayer I could comfort her core.

I would bring her roses and sweet bubbling wine.

if I could, I would awaken and reverse the loss of time.

qualification governs my night I am lead tossing and turning to a gate of thorns.

brutally her beauty moves away from me with visual sincerity.

thoughts flawed by the allure of sweet winds in opposite venue.

my tears become rain on this journey beyond clarity,

as the sun came up between us my friend you were always the lovely ingénue.

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