More trouble then it’s worth

More trouble then it’s worth

My doctor remanded

She help us out by

Writing out a scrip

For a house lift.

I thought thank

God  mom’s going

To get some help

And I’ll be able to get

Out of the chair more

And do more I thought

This will be a dream come true.

As it turns out it was anything

But a dream come true more

Like a nightmare come true.

My worst fears forever

Became a reality

On the first day when we

Were learning how

To use it the

Right way and I fell

To the ground within

Seconds I broke my nose

And banged up my face.

Good thing I never wanted

To model or anything.

Now that my face is better

It makes me very angry

When we find out it

It can mostly only be

Used to get in and

Out of bed

If I ask me

It’s more trouble

Then it’s worth

But I won’t stress about it

We’ll make do we always have

And always will!

Aug 16th 2008

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