Albatross Cry.

I have to laugh so I don’t start to cry.

Sometimes it seems when one seeks pleasure many times grief replies.

I bow to the sea; my lover's have lips too soft, to kiss.

Gone again, she is gone again; she is so easy to miss.

Howl at the moon time is at hand.

Carve up my heart upon the watery sand.

My dreams pray naked in the dark.

Seas choke up and stars provide no spark.

The shrill devious wind is out of tune.

Just like the fatigued face of the moon.

Hear her voice blown across the stormy bay.

Darling sweetie, there is nothing left to say.

She broke to find silver and gold.

You’ll find her dancing in old arms that hold.

Mighty swells form cold foam on mystical seas.

Wave-lash at my mouth and moans can never please.

Swallow sobs, as pieces of me eject into the sky.

Scent is obvious she is the sea while overhead shy Albatross cry.

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lyrycsyntyme's picture

Very descriptive and patient. And it needs to be, developing two scenes at once. Really good.