Going in that house again!

Going in that house again!

Mom and I went

To my uncle’s

Today to clean his

House and cook for him

Because he never had to

Any of that. That’s what

He thought women were for.

So when my aunt passed away

He acted like he had lost

Everything and he knew he

Couldn’t do anything to take of the house.

I hated walking in

That house worse

Then anything

It felt so sad

And  lonely

Without her there

Even though I knew

She wasn’t coming back I told myself

She was gone to the

Store and she’d be back

Any second even though I

Knew that was a dream

That would never come

Truth. One thing’s for

Sure when somebody

You love dies you never

Stop missing them

It’s like you’d give your life

If you bring them back!

Aug 12th 2008

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