Another Soft Moan

Hyacinth garden

A twinge of affection seems to be your confection.

The complexions of your reception intoxicate me.

You are delicious anticipation adrenaline and passion course through me, power is like medication.

I confess I am an addict I crave the high as I feel your total surrender.

At the sound of your moans, that only I understand, I tug on your chain.

Another soft moan escapes the pleasure of pain.

Your lips purse and your back arch’s further, my teeth bite harder.

Your color is now crimson in flux there is no need to rush.

Your body now covered in velvety layers of sweat, unable to resist, you have no real desire to do so, and I lean in close as your body gives a slight shudder.

"Good lover," I whisper softly, before you drop to your knees so eager to please,

without a word your hunger, of yearning desire is burning in your eyes that plead of want lips lick for the prize.

Unable to resist the temptation a scent for a moment your desire pleads and begs for more time.

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