Just disappear

Just disappear

I’ve been having

Seizures for over

10 years now

It’s not a fun game

I wish I reach  all

The seizures

In the world and

Beat and choke the

Life from them.

Even though

They’ve gotten much

Better now that I

Only 2 sometimes 3

A month  I still

Want them disappear

From this world and never

Look back. So people

That have seizures

Would have one less

Pain to deal there’s

Enough pain in the

World we don’t

Need no more

Aug 13thb 2008

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Sam Edwards's picture

Remember that when the seizures comes, Jesus was already there, never to leave you nor forsake you. So why the seizure? That is for God to know and for you to trust Christ. Reach out to Him during the next one, and firmly trust his watchcare, sorry for the pain that you have to endure. Praying for ya!--Sam

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

You know you are always in my prayers and I feel so bad you have to go through this at all. ..