Fall In Ruin

can't cope alone, reaction like that of a 5 year old,

i'll take anything, feel free to compliment or scold,

as long as you'll pay attention, help me cancel out this numbing effect,

so afraid of dying alone, sloppy burns far from circumspect,

skin festers,

not meant for this world like child molesters,

anyways, people don't pay attention to me like they do to kiddie rapists,

unfortunately, my words hit you with as much power as two lifeless fists,

crickets chirping,

the friday night drunks, popular, munching and burping,

can't sleep, really i'm not that nocturnal,

just writing pages, when i'm dead this will be my personal journal,

for the next month if i don't succumb, dermis mourning,

no sign of sleep, glance at the clock, 2 AM in the morning.

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