Perception of Time

Literary Passages

      We live in a time of utter Chaos, Insanity knocking at our doors every night and day. Fueled by the Television box sitting in our living rooms. Through this door visions of horror unfold before our eyes of violence half way across the world, Change the channel and it hits home the very City you are living in. One could be spend their entire life trapped within that voided box. Exploring vast places never leaving your couch. Change the channel once more and now your listening to your damnation as he shouts the 'DEVIL” is in your home at this very moment, a number flashing down at the bottom of the screen. Call now they say, Make a donation they say, Save your soul they preach. Growing tired of the thumping you click once more, Whats this?

“2,000,000” Dead in China from a massive earthquake the reporter retorted not even a slight squirm in her stance. How passive death can become, when ear marked through this devilish device. Changing the channel once more you listen as a reporter babbles on about issues that does not even affect the citizens of this nation, not me, not my neighbor, not a single one of us would it affect. That is until you realize it would affect Congress, would affect the white house. The administration we put in charge, to secure our safety over our freedoms. That is the theme we are going with in this new age are we not? Once proud and upheld liberties are morphed into conformity with our “best” interest at heart. However our “best” interest is upheld by our congress, who are seemingly more and more becoming flawed in their honors. In a world of such corruption it is hard to stand up, to speak out. I've been told many times by many good friends, live under the radar and follow the American dream.

I often wonder, how today or yesterday will look in over a thousand years. What they would say about our history, Would our great empire fall to dust like many others before it? What kind of system of law would they have compared to ours. I say this because in a time of Chaos, when you are unsure of tomorrows dawn. There can be hope found in the knowledge you made some kind of impact on this planet, Some find it through fame. Others find it through their off spring. Many forget we don't simply just pass down our genes to them, we instill them with our way of life, your outlook on life can directly affect the outlook on your child. When we allow the government control of our children, we allow them to influence them any way they see fit.

There are a lot of things wrong with our system of law, where non violent 'criminals' are treated harsher then the ones who chose violence over rationality. Our television brainwashes the masses to believe whatever rhetoric they spew forth. Pointing you in a million different directions claiming different opinions to give the illusion of 'fair'. A lesson as children we all learn is that life is not fair so why should the news or big corporations have to play fair. I even have a solution to the energy crisis affecting America, not only combating global warming but making our nation self sustained. Independent from another nation's oil. Where as oil has become the currency of the world replacing gold. There would even be no drilling involved, the big secret? Well in fact its no big secret. In fact its common knowledge, its called Hemp, most of the brainwashed mass know this plant as Marijuana but the majority who are educated knows the difference. They make Industrial Hemp, with no THC properties found within that seed to plant.

So versatile it could literally self sustain an independent person. Down to clothes and food, yet this plant remains illegal, arguments spun from both sides of the field. Yet when the arguments seem so one sided you are baffled by the stubbornness of the other's refusal to give in. Like a stubborn mule who does not want to move. Cannabis prohibition has ran longer then alcohol prohibition. It's amazing honestly coming from the age after the hippie movement that there is still such opposition towards its legalization. Not that our government has the right to even  make a law about our own moral behavior. If the god you claim does indeed exists, I wonder does he pity you? Or does he praise you. Think on that before you decide to speak.  

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