Voices in his head

Voices in his head

One of my uncle

Hub’s friend has

Been depressed

Since loosing

His best friend

Who was his

Brother to him a

Little over a year ago

When a drunk driver

Blindside him and his

Friends killed his friends

But saved him! I think he

Feels god should’ve

Took him and saved them.

He called my uncle after

Shooting himself in the legs

Tonight trying to commit

Suicide and asking

The policeman to

Just kill him

My uncle said

He believes his

Ex and current girlfriend

Are driving him crazy

And causing him to

Feel this way. I

Can tell uncle hub felt

Helpless he tried to be

There for his friend but

The police wouldn’t even

Let him near his friend

All we can do is pray

For him!

Aug 14 2008

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

It's so sad to hear this happened. I hope he can get help and put his life back in some sort of order. He's in my prayers..