Any Faith

Belief it comes in every kind; faith that grips the heart and mind,

But faith’s deeper than belief, like a branch that holds each leaf,

When you’re planted in the Tree, within the Branch of all Eternity,

All leaves never wither or fall, being nourished by the Lord of all.

There’s men with faith, although, are not rooted enough to grow,

Head belief but no spiritual root, within this life, produce no fruit.

And a faith with only head belief, produces withered, falling leaf.

Rooted only in spiritual sand, upon The Rock they cannot stand.

There are beliefs in many a place, having faith less God’s Grace,

In many beliefs, it’s understood, that mankind is basically good,

Men building a faith down here, without that need for Godly fear,

Ignoring Truth wanting His love, thinking all get to Heaven above.

Some with a faith about the earth, see no need for spiritual birth,

Never looking up to The Creator, with no thought about a Savior,

Being stewards of God’s creation, with no need of His salvation.

As saving earth is the urgent need, the only truth men must heed.

Any faith, as noble as it may be, cannot save a soul for Eternity,

If that faith has ignored, the blood atonement of Christ our Lord,

If it fails to embrace this Truth, ahead will only be strong reproof,

As faith in Christ is the only belief, that gives a soul eternal relief.

(Copyright ©08/2008)

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