Anxiety pill

Clocks slow to a crawl time creeps it's deceit 

Some days lack ambition no spring in my seat

Pounding heart sure to cave won't endure it's fatigued

Need mighty endowment strength stability proceed


This pen hits the paper racing heart slowly calms

I believe in my words the sweat dries from my palms

Trembling hands quieten be sturdy as steel

I take a deep breath... Now to enjoy how I feel

Shane Aaron

Dec 7 2013

Descent of the Conqueror

Descent of the Conqueror

Upon the shore, Conquistador

From foreign lands he came

From bitter strife of bloody knife

In lands where Spain lay claim


In jungles deep, that never sleep

With heavy heart he’d tread

The horseman’s glare had chilled the air

Where now his friends lay dead


His armor heavy, in sultry air

The filth and sweat spilled forth

His stomach ached, his body baked

As he marched ever farther north


His dreams were filled once of memories

Of countrymen by his side

But now they drew a different hue

Of skeletons of the men who died


Alone and dismayed, he knelt and prayed

As tears fell down his face

For God and Queen his life unseen

Was now a finished race


Our man fell back, the Sun went black

The scent of sea dahlia sweet

As pendulous waves prepared the grave

His life was soon complete


Time had stopped, no gull was heard

Life’s functions ceased to be

In darkened silence he was no more

A lightning flash, a thundering clap bounded from the crashing sea!


He hurdled forward, his mind in shock

In water he did lay

A storm had come and passed away

As quickly as it came


He cupped his hands and drank the rain

No more tempted by toxic brine

Neptune could keep the beryl deep

If God willed, he may survive


And then in the distance it came,

As God’s own voice, the striking of a bell

Had his country sailed in search for him?

Or was this a demon come from hell?


He climbed the cape, to highest point

Was this Castile’s grand naval force?

Where were the mighty cannoned ships

Following Her Majesty’s sacred course?


With trepid heart, he swept the bay

No vessel could he see

For fog had fallen upon the beach

He must now pursue lest the ships retreat.


The mist rolled down the hills of green

At edge the ocean sprayed

On winged feet the man did fly

To live, his burning flesh obeyed


The sands fell quick through the hour glass

On the horizon the sunset red

Night had come, he had arrived

But no vessel anchored in this cove’s stead


He was too late, the ships had sailed

The moonlight shimmered upon the tranquil sea

The world was silent save the whispers of the palm

Death became his destiny

Suddenly, the air moved fast

Something dangerous in his presence wait

Had the heathen Aztec gods come for flesh?

Would his blood the horrors of Tenochtitlan negate?


He pulled his sword, Toledo’s pride

A sign of Christian Knighthood

But in the shadow of moonbeam candescence

Mortal eyes met those of otherworldly nature


The creature still as stone, was silent as the dead

Its form was mortal with watery skin

There was no soul in this wretched beast

On its face, a carved and vicious grin


Oh soldier bold, with riches told

I am your cuttlefish

I shall be what thou will see

I will become your heart’s true wish


In a burst of light which flood the night

Seduction drew him forward

The woman’s eyes would mesmerize

Lust’s spell would drive him toward her


Drop your sword and drop your guard

They’re no more needed here

If you seek love and guard your life

Let sorrow and pain disappear


The woman stepped close and embraced his hand

Poor man, what terror have you seen?

What troubles your mind and breaks your heart

And makes your soul unclean?


I’ve done my duty and served my Queen

As best as I was able

But for the blood I’ve shed and hate I’ve spread

I shall not sup upon God’s table.


Hapless soul, lament no more

For I’ve a treasure to console you

This mystic power will reverse the hour

To your youth, when still an innocent heart beat true


What devilry, what trickery!

Will this blasphemy chain my hands?

My body’s purged cinders, and glowing red embers

Will burn before the inquisitor’s stand


She placed her hands upon his chest

and with a soft kiss she did gently thrill

With protests resigned and conscience blind

The demon moved in slowly for the kill


Three things will I require

To make the mystic prize

Gold for the moon, a heart for the tide, and a soul for fathom’s deep life to abide

 These things would he freely give, once more a boy to rise


Around his waist, he carried a purse

Within, the auric accolade of murdered domain

Four earrings he gave, four earrings he cursed

Having profited from the dead where they lay


 Under the brilliant moonlight the gold shimmered

In her smooth and malleable hold

Her eyes like shadowy heavens now burned with astral splendor

His heart she now controlled


The ocean breeze now caressed their face

And waves washed deep upon the shore

The surf surged around his feeble legs

Her celestial eyes more alluring than before


Entranced he looked into her eyes

She placed her palm above his heart

His chest glowed red, with unholy dread

She plucked an ample ruby  apart


She held the jewel within her hand

And drew a slow deep breath

She blew upon the gem of red, it glowed and beat then bled

Into the sea it melted, a sign of untimely death


She laughed at him as he fell back

Fighting the sea for air

He battled the current to climb back to land

But the rip tide did not care


Upon the sand, his eyes did see

The woman’s passive gait

He knew now there was no hope

To reverse life’s terrible fate


The woman knelt down, he’d nearly drown

Her eyes he looked in well

She held him down, and cupped his crown

And in blue light, tore ‘way a scallop shell


She placed the shell up to her ear

To listen for his voice

“I thought you loved me and for me you cared”

And she, at his soul’s despair, rejoiced


I am the deep and boundless ocean

No beauty as complete

How foolish to think a mortal heart

Could for my love compete!


And just then, a pelican

From dark, silent heavens it shot

It stole the shell and dropped it well

In its beak, his life and soul it brought


The conquistador stood and drew his blade

Her eyes blazed red with anger

The sand smoked, the sea boiled and foamed

His life was now in danger


The creature screamed and the earth did shake

As the woman melted into the sea

The water smashed and grabbed his leg

And dragged him to the deep


You fool! Your body have I consumed

Your doomed soul belongs to me

No chariot of fire, no angel’s wings

Can save you from the Sea


His body rolled down the black abyss

Below where it was calm

No roaring wave or whitecap drop

Could break this somber psalm


The soldier swam toward bright moonlight

As pressure crushed stifled lung

And then it came, his hand it caught

The fisherman’s net, to life he clung


Above the surface he gasped for air

The men pulled him aboard the boat

The waves impelled them toward the rocks

Terra firma at last, upon the coast


The lamiae screamed as the soldier ran

You may go, but know your fault

I’ve cursed your dreams and damned your thoughts

As your heart settles within the fathomless vaults


The soldier stopped and turned his head

An angel on the red horizon appeared

Like an arrow, the Sun’s first ray shot

The dark fog and heavy mist had cleared


And lo, on the blue skyline a mighty flag unfurled

The gold and red pennant of Spain

The lifeboat embarked from the great ship

The lost captain would be reclaimed


The years flew bye, the soldier turned grey

His home upon Andalucía’s plain

 The wind whispered secrets of long ago

Through olive tree leaves and tall, green grain


A storm had come and pacified the heat

The land was firm and in a still, tranquil slumber

His weary soul still cursed by the sea

Heard the tide in the wind and the waves in thunder


For ne’er a day would pass his way

When he thought not of the ocean’s treachery and cried

His lost love rebuked him still

As the thunder rolled, he laid his heavy head back and died

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Cold Feet

I must be getting punished
My heart has turned bitter
3 AM I'm waiting
This must be the coldest winter

Underneath the street light
Where we're suppose to meet
I thought I new you we'll
She must have cold feet

What happen to plan A
We even had a plan B
Please stop playing
Put some socks on those feet

Maybe I'm insane
Or in fact it's just love
I must be going crazy
To think you'd actually show up

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A Today, A Tomorrow

That you did not die today,
Does not mean you won't die tomorrow
You were full of luck yesterday
This day, yours are filled with sorrow.

She said no one is certain when
All there is, is to believe
She said no one is certain how
All there is, is to live

“I will live without fear”
“If I die Lord, my soul please keep”
“I hope there is something over there”
“ … Cause I am consumed by the mystical deep”

I have not much left to say in the matter
The custodians of faith know best
Contentions abound, sometimes smatters
I believe in a today and a tomorrow
Be it in body or spirit

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Take It or Leave It (Revised)

Take It or Leave It (Revised)

Still, your presence lingers around.
There were some lessons that
I thought I will never learn.
It turned out to be a lake of grieving,
Forming a path of misery.

I stand alone, without anyone in sight.
No one to call out for help.
Laying here with these deep thoughts
Inside my head of make believe
Where nothing gets out.
Therefore, no one will foreseen the signs
That I am truly suffering as child does
Devoid of its happiness.

After all, it is impossible to breathe life
Into an individual that only seeks death.
Break their fall and soon, one’s death
Is to arrive sooner than later.
The solution would be to
Talk some sense into them.
However, not everyone realizes or appreciates
What they have now.
The world’s mysteries and its darkness,
We will soon unlock and come across.

These walls and barriers are nearing its end.
With nowhere to go, nothing seems to make sense.
Out of place, we inch closer to the day
Where our confusion dissipates.

This is a song for the lonely and those
Who are in need of a motive or inspiration
In life to get by, to move forward.
Go free.

A brand new day has arrived,
The sun, shining brightly without
A single cloud in sight.
The winds are calm, hostility
Evaporated with the air.
A second chance on making things right.
Take it or leave it.

Realize that the world has something
To offer everyone. So, please
Remain optimistic and realistic
Even as life begins to take its toll on you.
Be given that it is possible to
Start your life over again, at any age.
Just don’t let that opportunity pass you by.
Relinquish your woes and regrets
To make it happen.
Take it or leave it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally written in 2004 but revised later on in 2009 or 2010. Sorry, I don't have the original. It was on an old xanga account which I've deleted.

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Phone Call



Your voice on the other end, so unexpected, wavers

I strain to hear through controlled chaos

Another round of loud cheering

Nothing jubilant between us, only brokenness

The celebration forgotten temporarily

Uncertainty takes over

My feet begin to take me without aim

Increasing distance from distraction

Turning from obligations

Bringing me closer to your hopelessness

Despite the pain that trembles in my ear

I feel soothed by the sound

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to "the brother" whose sister still stumbles after him- you know who you are <3

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