I crawl crack cower 

In the morning white 

With my eyes lips skin 

Cracked. White. 

I stand dormant 

While steam pervades

My self. My wall. My grime.

And thought does it matter 

In this or that time

But I can't think on that now 

I've got to go to work. 


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lizardking's picture

in the greek days

gnosticism was the bourgeoisie religion:

they were the only ones with enough time

to study mythology

which allowed them to feel justified

in trampling the peasants

underneath their feet


while all the peasants

had no time to think.

they spent day and night

scraping by just to eat


this is why christ said

"blessed are the poor in spirit"

uncorrupted by wealth

and flippancy

allets's picture


Cool write. The shower jumpstarts a philisophical day. A question mark perhaps. ~A~