It draws out my breath before I breathe out.

Turning me on myself,

Filling each unoccupied moment with doubt and pain.

Each sentence over-analysed,

Each pause I communication agonised over.

Every possibility,

The more unlikey; the more real.


I dreamt when I came back you'd gone,

Still occupying the same space but no longer mine.

No hate. No Argument. No reason.

Only indifference.

We stretched it too far and you let go,

It didn't snap.

One word answers.

I love you, I love you,

Say it back,

You used to.


Absence made the heart grown colder.


I wake,

But it's stuck in my throat. Barbed.

I try to pull it out but it sinks in deeper.

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Far away

You shouldn't expect a postcard, don't expect a letter, even a simple text is too much to ask for.
The place I'm at right now is cold. Freezing in fact.
It's a bottomless pitt of self-defiance, pity and regret tied up in a box made up of tears and sealed off with a black bow. This bow is unlike any other, it's darker than any other. Look at it carefully, it has this amazing shade of black, carrying dark thoughts and slit throats. 
My question is, "can I give it away?"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I write my poems based off of my own emotions in the moment! All of this directly relates to my life or the life of someone I know

Gone Home


It's time to say goodbye now

I've had enough of sorrow

I'll just pass through your downtown

To the town where I had grown


Coco trees dominate the streets

Three hours seem too long for me

The winds whisper to my ear

They're once my familiar scenes


Finally, I've gone home

To the place I know

Suddenly, my griefs go

As the sea winds blow


And every second of this ride

Is a step closer to what's mine

Where my soul had once brightly shone

Where my heart was never alone


No more tears

No more fears

Time for me to know

It's time to let go


It's time for me to know myself

I'll use this break to be whole again

And my old thoughts will be dispelled

So when I go back I'm new again


I think it is time to love myself

Try not to think of everyone else

I'm just tired of waiting for nothing

I'm just sick of giving everything

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Lost Cause

I walked in on her crying again today

But I don’t like hugs so I stared at my feet.


“There was no mail today.”

I said as I walked away.

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why even get up

How long can one lay still in bed,

before they dissolve into the sheets.

I'll ask myself for hours,

stroking my pillow,

burying my face.

How long can one feel this way,

before they become familiar with the taste.

I'll ask myself forever,


my tongue is singed.




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Second Choice

There was a time I would get upset 

when I was your second choice. . . 

Now I wish I was.  

Confessions of the Lonely

Damn, dog.

I hurt.

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Who's There?

I heard a knock at the door today

But I didn't open up.

I just laid on the floor

And counted the tiles on the ceiling.

Overwritten Despondency

every breath I take is another mistake, each exhalation, lingering in this lonely space..
i'd love to just break down & cry.. but puff, pass, i'll let out another deep sigh.. 
the taste of your skin is like... pale sin.
& your smile as dead as the love that's spiraling downward into the drains of past content..
it filters out all the shit.
your eyes feel like daggers, when they're on me..
maybe that's why you can't truly see.. why do you even bother to criticize me.. why hasn't God set me free..?
like a fish, starving.. going in circles, de-sha-vu, I don't remember you..
but my intuition tells me otherwise.
an insect, hearing it's last words...
crushed, beneath the foot of mankind.. what sort of man is really all that kind..?
a bird, rattled in a cage.. shaken up.. absorbing rage..
being fed the scum that's left, to hold you sustained..
it's like not being able to turn to the next page..
& everyone keeps writing over the page i'm on, & telling me to read it once again.. & again.
until it's all scribbles, on top of one another.. it makes no sense..
you might as well be spitting on me... this is an overwritten despondency...