The Night

To the folds of your pillow,

forlorn whispers -- imparting night,

casting shadows from the deep,

lost souls haunting evening's quiet.


Voices erupting in lonely self,

with usher to darkness of own,

all passing through ebon skies,

sum of bleakness never known.


Dwindled hope in sorrow's reign,

the will of dismal holding fast,

lends no answers to questions why,

moment's reprieve is all that's asked.


Enshrouded within depression's depths,

tightly bound by its lengthy sighs,

follow the tears pursued by turmoil,

then pitch drapes across the eyes.



To the folds of your pillow,

darkest whispers -- bringing night,

with wakened shadows -- denying sleep,

a weary soul haunts evening's quiet.


© C.E.Vance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just another handful of words.

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It's pulled, it's torn, it's burnt, it's cut,

Used once, and then into the darkness it is shut,

Until it's needed again, otherwise it has no purpose,

If it can't be used, it is of no service,

It has to be a certain color, certain way,

Because if its not perfect, it'd be thrown away,

Looped into a perfect knot, it has no choice,

Thrown again, without a second thought,

Judged by the appearance, otherwise shunned,

Thrown again, until they find another one,

The perfect one, the perfect size,

It's left in the darkness, and grown to dispise,

Everything different from itself,

Because it'll never be used by anyone else,

Alone and forgotten in the bottom drawer,

Because what else is it to be used for?

It served for but one purpose and now it's done,

It was used for nothing else but fun,

In the darkness it lays,

Still to this very day,

I am that thread, you threw away,

Cut up, left, forgotten, till this very day,

And with that there is nothing else to say.

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Sparkling Light


I Don't Know What It Is
But There's Something About You
That's Beyond Words Of Amazing
I'm Sitting Here Thinking About You
You Don't Know How Much I Love You


Because It Hit Me Like A Wall
You Surprised Me
It Was Overwhelming
I Saw You With A Bright Smile
You Caught My Eye
I Don't Know Why
But I Can't Explain Otherwise


But In A Few Moments
I'm Here With You
My Doubts Fade Away
Because When I'm Holding You
It All Starts To Make Sense
I'm Thinking Will You Be With Me Forever
And Of Course Instantly It Becomes Crystal Clear
Destined Love Known To My Heart


Let Me Brush Up Against You
Let Me Hold Your Hand Beside Me
Let Us Sit Below The Stars Tonight
Let's Enjoy This Beautiful Starry Night
To Have Time To Bond With The Love Of My Life


My Love Is Burning With Intense Passion
With You Standing Right In Front Of Me
Close Enough To Hold Your Hands
I Blush Bright Like A Tomato
Not Because You Make Me Smile
But Because I'm In Love With You
And I Love You More Than Words
Could Ever Possibly Say Any Day

Started With A Kiss


My vision starts to fade,

my heart starts to slow,

I sit on the street,

under the street-light glow.


I don't know what happened,

it went by so fast.

Started with a kiss,

ended with a blast.


How could I do this?

Let myself go?

Considering the circumstances,

I'm at an all time low.


Sitting in the cold,

a hole in my chest,

couple more seconds and,

I take my final rest.


No more pulse,

I see only black,

can't breathe anymore,

brain function I lack.


Blood on my hands,

the last sight I see.

I spoke the truth,

She was the death of me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

And here we have the second piece of what im putting up today, a rather tragic break-up gone wrong. One more is on it's way, then I promise to post regularly until my work is all posted. And, of course, all criticism is welcome and appreciated.

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The Monster I Was


I have a vengeful mind,

most people think I'm kind,

but they are wrong,

and it won't be long,

till the monster I am, they find.


I begin to let myself show,

and I see people's fear grow,

they're petrified,

they're terrified,

and they want my blood to flow.


At this point, I'm being hunt down,

I've been chased all through the town,

now I'm trapped,

going to be capped,

 but can't help to grin like a clown.


And so, I die without a sound,

I fall to the ground,

a cheer they share,

and no one cares,

'cause the monster I was, they found.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hey guys, sorry I didn't post right away, I kind of forgot. But to make up for it, I'm posting three poems today, one for the past three days I have missed! More are on the way! And as always, criticism of any kind is appreciated.

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Glitters Are Passing By


Sparks Fly And I'm Trying To Hide
Because There's Someone I Love
No It's Not Just A Feeling
But An Excitement Of Pleasure
Someone Who Sparks Up Your Face
Somebody Who Makes You Smile


He Doesn't Just Say You're Beautiful
He Actually Means Every Word
He Makes Your Face Blush Up
He Makes You Feel Comfortable Being Yourself


If I Could Have You In My Arms
I Would Hold You So Close
If I Could Have You With Me
I Would Snuggle You Right Up To Me


It May Be Raining Outside
But Let's Make The Best Of This Moment
When I'm Snuggling With You
I Feel Like I'm In Love, No
I Am In Love With You
I Can't Shake Off This Feeling
Because It's Real And I Love You
More Than Words Could Possibly Show


You Came Into My Life
And You Made Everything
Way Better Than It Is
I May Never See You
But I Pray I Will See You
Maybe Sometime In My Life


I Swear I'd Do Anything To Have You
Distance May Separate Us In Life
But I Would Die To Be With You
Maybe It's All Wish Thinking
But I'd To See Your Face
I'd Like To Be With You
If God Determines Us To Be Together
My Lovely Skyler...

Holding Back Love


That Girl Is Like
A Thrilling Beautiful Silver Mermaid
You Don't Know If Mermaids Are True
But If You've Seen Someone So Beautiful
How Would You Describe Them?


Perhaps She Is A Very Kind And Caring Woman
Or She May Be Cheerful And Affectionate Lady
Maybe She Has A Specific Type Of Personality
That Just Thrills Beyond Your Expectations


Someone You Just Adore And Love
That One Of A Kind Woman You Dream Of
May It Be Very Unique Or A Compassionate Kind Hearted Girl
Someone You Might Have Known For A Long Time
That You Just Haven't Gotten To Know Enough About Them


Maybe If You Take That One Step
Maybe You Could Get To Know Them
A Little Bit More Than You Wanted
More Than You Wanted,
More Than You Could Ever Wanted....


I Don't Know, But I May Be Falling For You
Because I'm Hiding What I'm Feeling Here
But I'm Tired Of Holding This Inside My Head
Maybe I'm Falling For You...
Might Be Falling For You...


No One Is Around Us
We're Here At The Beach
I'm Scared Of What You May Think
The Sun Is Shining So Bright
It Brightens Your Face
More Radiantly Then Ever
I Don't Know What To Do
But I Think I'm Falling For You
I'm Falling For You...


My Heart Keeps Racing
Emotions Keep Spinning Around And Around
I Spend All My Time Thinking About You
I Can't Stop Thinking About It
Because I Know I'm Falling For You...

Remember To Just Forget About It

There's Only So Many Days We Can Live
And So Many Days To Forget What Made Us Hurt
But We're Stuck At Where Were At
I Just Wanna Lay Back
Break Down Crying In Tears
Because I Don't Want To Go Back


As We Think Back Into The
All I Remember Is The Hurt
Because I've Forgotten The Lessons
I Don't Remember The Happy Moments
I Don't Think There Were Any Signifigant Moments
But I Don't Know If I Can Move On


Yea I Don't Try To Remember
But It Keeps Bouncing Back And Forth
I Tried To Erase It
And I Smashed The Delete Button
But It Keeps Refreshing In And Out


Nobody Tries To Be Perfect
But I'm Trying To Break Away From My Mind
Things That Are Clogged In My Mind
I Just Want To Float Away
Into A Far Away Place


Sometimes I Just Want To Fly Away
Sit Close At The Ocean's Bay
Lay In The Soft Bright Sand
And Feel The Warmth Of The Sun
And Forget About Everything I Just Said

Bleeding Scars Of Crying Guilt

Ever Feel Like You're The Bad One?
The One Who Caused Trouble
Have You Ever Felt Like You Were The One To Blame?
The One Who Caused Your Own Pain
There Was No One Else Who Could Have Done It


You Are The One Who Causes Your Own Pain
You Are The One Who Caused Your Own Suffering
But Who Could Have Helped You
Through This Struggling Phase Of Life
You Were All Alone
There Was No One Else In Sight
How Could You Have Known How To Prevent It


Nobody Told You How To Live Your Life
But Nobody Told You What You Were Doing Wrong
All You Knew Was The Faults You've Done
The Hurt And The Blame You Caused On Yourself
What Could You Have Done
What In The World Could You Have Done


I Can Only Ask For Forgiveness
I'm Sorry For The Wrongs I've Done
These Hands That Cause Trouble
Causing Mischief And Crimes
What Can I Do To Loosen This Guilt


I Can't Seem To Shake Off This Binding
All I Can Do Is Cry For All The Shame I've Done
I Know I Don't Deserve This Much Mercy
I Really Don't Deserve Friends
Because I'm Not Always There For Them
I Don't Feel I Deserve These Talents
Because Since I'm Not Using Them
I Feel Like They're Going To Waste


Why Am I Still Alive I Don't Know Why
I Really Should Not Be Here
I Do Not Give Any Benefit To Anyone
I Don't Even Work Right Now
I Can't Even Help Myself
Why Do I Still Receive Such Blessings
I Do Not Feel Important
I Do Not Feel I Am Needed Here


Have I Done Something Wrong
Will I Be Told What I Could Do Better
I Don't Know What I'm Thinking
I'm Crying My Eyes Out Right Now
I Can't Seem To Feel Better


I Don't Have A Shoulder To Lean On
I Feel So Lonely In This World
I Reach My Hand To You
But I Don't See You
I Place My Hand Over My Chest
But I Don't Feel Your Presence Over Me
Should I Really Fall In Life
Can I Make It Through This Time
I'm No Better Than Dirt


I Know I Am Loved
And I Continue To Tell Myself That
But I Feel Like My Bones Ache Too Hard
I'm Surely To Fall This Time
Surely To Fall Down This Time
Am I Really Worth That Much...