Flying Free

I woke up at 12 this morning -

To the sound of Uruguayan bells ringing,

Harmlessly to the sound of sanity.

That ovulating smell,

Surfaced the room, cruising

Like a careless dream.

Into the crack den, those krooked curses live.

Surfacing like snakes, tormenting us

With their poisoned apples.

“Go on, take a bite,”

“It won’t hurt you.”

Expand your mind, thats what they say.

Learn and expand. Sitting there on their thrones,

Like courted angels, fallen from the depths of heaven,

To play persecutor to us. The free.





           fffffffffff Expand.

fdddddddddddddd Divide.

“Go on, take a bite,”

“It won’t hurt you.”

I used to think racism was racist,

But it’s not. It’s just a word,

Like and, or if, or but,

Or fuck.

They’re all just words really.

Harmless little words.


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Lost Cause

I walked in on her crying again today

But I don’t like hugs so I stared at my feet.


“There was no mail today.”

I said as I walked away.

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An attempt to take less for granted

Crisp clean morning air
Innocent delight - pure
A lottery winner
Results of natural equations
Complexity beyond human grasp
Circumstances set by
Eons of cause
Millenia of effect
Lines drawn on dirt
The road a universe
All encompassing web
History - Fate
And here we sit
Eyes glued to gold

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