Shattered Hearts and broken Dreams

Time has passed on by beyond anyone's control.
The feelings i've felt before enriched my soul.
The boundry-less emotions were overwhelming
Yet no one could say it wasn't a real feeling.
I live today not knowing what coulv've come next, in my heart follows a tinge of reget
A day without knowing what might come next.
Lack of affection, restless nights
What have we become? From what we originated from...

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Far away

You shouldn't expect a postcard, don't expect a letter, even a simple text is too much to ask for.
The place I'm at right now is cold. Freezing in fact.
It's a bottomless pitt of self-defiance, pity and regret tied up in a box made up of tears and sealed off with a black bow. This bow is unlike any other, it's darker than any other. Look at it carefully, it has this amazing shade of black, carrying dark thoughts and slit throats. 
My question is, "can I give it away?"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I write my poems based off of my own emotions in the moment! All of this directly relates to my life or the life of someone I know