Recreational Use of Pot, 25 Tales Of Alcohol And Marijuana

Law Bows To Love


I was sitting in my deceased brother's car
in the driveway of our mother's home
when he offered to share a joint with me.

I felt for the first time a road open between
my heart and my throat  Afterwards
I was more able
to speak my feelings

I never tried pot until
I was in my 40's... and
then perhaps 20 times,
after which I stopped.

A friend smokes
He is less a hothead

when he's a pothead.

42 states (as of 2019) in which marijuana is either legal, decriminalized, or available for medical



25 Brief Drug And Alcohol Tales
DWW as a teen was smoking pot while gnawing on a chicken leg. In slowing down he realized he was gnawing on the leg of a chicken... he stopped eating animals that day... and shortly after became a conscientious objector, serving in hospitals during the war. Shortly after becoming a CO, he stopped smoking it.
A woman smoking pot heard the sentence "I became the wave, not the reaction to it".
Mark Braunstein, vegan author and artist, jumped off a ledge into a pool and was paralyzed in the jump. With incredible will he spent years learning to walk. Marijuana eases the residual pain. He has become an activist for legalized medical marijuana. Marijuana reduces seizures, nausea, and pain..

Perhaps driving while smoking pot should be illegal, since stoned drivers have sat not moving at green lights.
A woman giving a lead at an AA meeting spoke of waking up as several people entered her bedroom. She was very upset, even more so when she realized she was
in an apartment building elevator.
A man who got into bar fights frequently and was arrested for domestic battering knew it was time to enter a treatment center.
A woman was told that in a previous life she had died as an alcoholic in a gutter in France.
An older man was told after a physical that his liver enzymes indicated he should stop drinking.
Navane, ativan, oxycontin etc. are prescription drugs as addictive as cocaine.
A man woke up next to a woman .. He subsequently found out she had transmitted an STD to him and at the same time had become pregnant.. She was someone with whom he would never have slept had too much alcohol not been involved.
A teen at a frat party from the amount of alcohol in which he immersed his optic nerves... went blind. Teen deaths from alcohol happen frequently.
A man woke up after an alcohol binge in a hospital psychiatric ward, in restraints.
Alcohol released anger inside the young woman, giving her an accusing tongue.
Her bones were broken by someone who wanted to shut her up.
It was said that lights went out 1 by 1 all over Europe as WW2 approached. It
is also true of the brain's nerve cells, killed by alcohol.
Those who label others 'drunks', 'lushes', etc. are cruelly limiting an infinite
soul and incorrectly defining people by behavior.
A writer who realized that descriptions of drinking in his books were causing people to fall off the wagon as his descriptions bypassed their discipline...decided he could no longer derail people by including such scenes. The more corrupt in the publishing industry demand such product placements.
Catherine and William Booth, founders of the Salvation Army, with their London alcohol treatment centers, found that vegetarian diet reduced sharply the desire
for alcohol. Meat is very yang, alcohol very yin. The uric acid (pre-urine in the muscle cells of murdered animals) is trioxypurine, more addictive than caffeine, (dioxypurine).
Should ads for harmful substances be allowed on tv and radio? Is it mixed messaging when the government spends billions to convince people not to drink
while allowing highly suggestable ads? Some radio networks
allow alcohol ads at 9 am weekdays in teen markets.
In terms of marijuana, cocaine, heroin etc., their illegal status has caused massive and violent crime cartels (as did prohibition in the 20's and early 30's), and has caused over a trillion dollars to be spent in the US alone by the
  DEA, ATF, FDA, NIH etc The ecocidal spraying of pot and poppy plants has killed people, animals, birds, fishes, etc. as it poisons the watershed, causes birth defects in people and animals, destroying habitat.
The imprisonment of millions of people for their sovereign right to smoke marijuana has made the US the most imprisoning nation in the world with the highest
percentage of inmates, at a cost of trillions of dollars in prosecution, police time diversion, imprisonment, but more importantly the human cost in unjust imprisonment, family busting.
Alcohol causes traffic accident fatalities, cancers and liver cirrhosis, fatalities in bar fights and domestic batterings, infidelities, job losses,
suicide, birth defects. Alcohol industry money is spent worldwide fighting
against the legalization of marijuana.
Alcohol's side effects are more lethal than those of marijuana but the latter
can cause pooling of the blood in the heart, emphysema and lung cancer, as well as cancers from the insecticides sprayed on pot plants.

Many psychiatric drugs are correlated to homicide, suicide, weight gain, birth defects, loss of mental function, a sudden inability to read. Drug companies have paid out billions in liabilities in class action and individual lawsuits. Drug companies are bankrupting Medicare with their pricegouging.
There are empathic saints who drink to tune out the pain they take from others. There are soldiers who drink to forget the horrors they've seen. There are shy
people who drink in order to express themselves. Everyone on the planet is gradually learning there are better ways to release pain, let go of the past, and speak ones heart.

Like tobacco smoking, marijuana smoking can cause cancer. But the government has found that prohibition doesn't work.



1. Legalization cuts out illegal gang activity

2. Legalization saves hundreds of millions a year for different states...

freeing police to fight violent crime

3. Legalization generates hundreds of millions in tax revenue for different states

4. Legalization

reduces prison population.... by releasing incarcerated nonviolent people.

5. Legalization restores families, husbands to their wives, mothers to their children etc.

6. Legalization provides an anodyne, pain reduction for nausea and other pain, seizure prevention

7. Legalization reduces $ waste as crop dusters no longer spread poison on plants

8. Legalization protects the environment from crop duster poisons

9. Legalization generates tax revenue from the income of those no longer imprisoned


42 states have legalized

some form of pot

8 states in 2020

as of yet have not




Footnote: In 2020 Arizona, Montana, South Dakota

and New Jersey voted yes to legalizing recreational

use.  Colorado has passed the 1 billion dollar mark

in taxes generated by pot sales. California, a later

entry, has raised over 630 million dollars. Many are

buying pot in Canada.

Meanwhile states in which marijuana is outlawed

rather than making money on taxed sales are hemorrhaging money

on the jailing of nonviolent prisoners (whether the prisons are publicly or

privately owned), the ripping

apart of their families, the cost of policing. 70% of Democrats

and 53% of Republicans favor legalization of marijuana.

 Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, DC, Illinois, Maine,

Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, South Dakota and Vermont

and Washington have legalized marijuana for recreational use.

Decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana has been passed in


The mass spraying of herbicides over areas suspected of marijuana growth

has poisoned the watershed.

There are health and accident hazards to many drugs, to alcohol, marijuana.

Cirrhosis of the liver, traffic fatalities, violence are associated with alcohol, while

longterm smoking (but not consumption of foods containing marijuana) can cause emphysema and lack of concentration in driving.

The FDA is allowing in many untested drugs from China, the country

which supplies most US drugs.  Because of the mass deficit owned by

Chinese and other country banks, the US is not taking action.


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Patchwork Herbology

At behest of the man who's drowned in the moat;

he thought well of leaves that could keep him afloat.

So gardeners worked to supplant and suffice

in pale, sullen light that was straining their eyes,

and were able to clot the freshwater vein

with acrid greens that splayed like a lion's mane.


The caretaker's jest came sudden and flowing:

these foreign shrubs had a fierce way of growing,

and control was waning and not to be had

by the fearfullest man who couldn't be glad.

So brought the trimmers and the matches and lo,

down came the patchwork garden we'd come to know.


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Bathing-pool Prohibition


I was in the bathing-pool,

Together with Alhireth-Hotep.

After the fun we had,

I rolled a stick of marijuana.


I didn't kindled it,

But burned the top down.

Then a woman came to me,

Telling me it was forbidden to smoke here.


I explained to her what I was doing,

And that I didn't lighted it here.

However my story was,

Alhireth-Hotep and I went outside.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A dream I had.

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Overwritten Despondency

every breath I take is another mistake, each exhalation, lingering in this lonely space..
i'd love to just break down & cry.. but puff, pass, i'll let out another deep sigh.. 
the taste of your skin is like... pale sin.
& your smile as dead as the love that's spiraling downward into the drains of past content..
it filters out all the shit.
your eyes feel like daggers, when they're on me..
maybe that's why you can't truly see.. why do you even bother to criticize me.. why hasn't God set me free..?
like a fish, starving.. going in circles, de-sha-vu, I don't remember you..
but my intuition tells me otherwise.
an insect, hearing it's last words...
crushed, beneath the foot of mankind.. what sort of man is really all that kind..?
a bird, rattled in a cage.. shaken up.. absorbing rage..
being fed the scum that's left, to hold you sustained..
it's like not being able to turn to the next page..
& everyone keeps writing over the page i'm on, & telling me to read it once again.. & again.
until it's all scribbles, on top of one another.. it makes no sense..
you might as well be spitting on me... this is an overwritten despondency...


About a man that is centered inside a smoking bubble,
with view obscured and his thoughts expansive and loose.
He does very little breathing at all, and instead
he chews on the walls of his cage to rid his mouth of taste.
The bubble has a door, but he doesn't care to reach
and intrude upon the people that often stand outside.
Instead he learns about pointless things and people
and ignores the ignoring that seems like it's everywhere,
all the time, no matter how long he waits in bed.

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All these beautiful words are choking on the smoke

That I carry in my throat like a pardon letter worthy

And I often have to hurry to keep myself awake

But what often is at stake is why I tend to worry

I'm parting at the seams but still in my departure

And every now and then I slip between the waves

I behave in such a way that may suggest I am forgotten

But in my spacing wastes I know I never am

I feel an empty vessel that's desperate for touch

A toxic thing that tries to sing and chokes upon its tongue

Bathed in lots of green and grey and smelling like the fields

Yielding to the simple fact that I am lost to change

Estranged the girl who was, apparently my reason

Exposed myself to all around just to hang my head

Live alone with just enough to slide along the side

Never weeping, only breathing, frying all the time

Keep the glass to my lips to ward away the barrel

And watch me close and lend a hand when the dark invites me in

Because I'm there now and I'm tilting

Because I'm in dire need of friends.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This website's community confuses me.

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