Gone Home


It's time to say goodbye now

I've had enough of sorrow

I'll just pass through your downtown

To the town where I had grown


Coco trees dominate the streets

Three hours seem too long for me

The winds whisper to my ear

They're once my familiar scenes


Finally, I've gone home

To the place I know

Suddenly, my griefs go

As the sea winds blow


And every second of this ride

Is a step closer to what's mine

Where my soul had once brightly shone

Where my heart was never alone


No more tears

No more fears

Time for me to know

It's time to let go


It's time for me to know myself

I'll use this break to be whole again

And my old thoughts will be dispelled

So when I go back I'm new again


I think it is time to love myself

Try not to think of everyone else

I'm just tired of waiting for nothing

I'm just sick of giving everything

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