Park Bench


I went to a park bench 'cause I
Need to sit down for a while
Looked at my phone for the second time
I wanted to go but was always shy


And as the others had fun around,
I'm stuck in this part of town
Never been cheerful all my life
I've been also asking myself why


If only one of these crowd would go and talk
If only someone would go for a walk
Under this starry night
Having a ray of light


Holding my hands tight like
All would end tonight
Telling me I was never a fool and not a tool
And I'm wondering if that someone is you


You walked with your arms crossed
I looked at you and took a pause
Never seen you all my life
But my mouth opened wide


You looked at me the other way
And I didn't know what to say
Something crawled my body all over
How I wish this would never be over


If only we could be gone to stop and talk
If only you'd invite me for a walk
During this lonely night
Giving me ray of light


Please hold me tightly like
This world ends tonight
Please tell me I was never a fool and that you are sure
Yeah, I'm wondering if that someone could be you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's funny how you can create two poems by just sitting with a stranger for two minutes. "PARK BENCH" is the first of the two.

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Let Me Reflect Upon Myself

I’m angry, I’m angry
Why am I so angry?
My brow’s always furrowed
My chest filled with angst.

I’m sad, I’m sad
Why am I so sad?
I no longer feel my tears
My face always numb.

I’m confused, I’m confused
Why am I so confused?
My mind’s a lost cause
They’ve all deemed me insane.

I’m lonely, I’m lonely
Why am I so lonely?
In a room full of people
I still talk to myself.

I’m scared, I’m scared
Why am I so scared?
I can smile when addressed
But the rest is a mess.

I’m lost, I’m lost
Why am I so lost?
I’ve been wandering for years
I don’t want to be found.

Of Sin and Sorrow

Welcome the opium, caressing your being.

You know that it’s wrong, but oh so freeing,

Baby close your eyes, let it all in.

Come, let us bathe in Sin.

Taste that sweet poison, lithium to your lips.

This is all playing out, like actors with scripts.

Imbibe a little more, and watch the room spin.

Come, let us bathe in Sin.

Our bodies intertwined,

While slowly I whine.

Don’t do this, You know you’re in bliss;

Just stay right here, skin on skin.

Come, let us bathe in Sin.

Striding toward the door,

Mumbling, “what a whore”.

No, what have I done?

Please, please hun.

Come, let us bathe in Sorrow.

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The days of old

The days of old...
Pass me bye,
Gone and lost, like some kite,
Floating upon high.
And as the ticking continues,
The middle hand shadows its brother,
Old age creeps into your bed,
Like a familiar lover.
In the sea of faces
I am lost, and retreat back into the fold,
One of the many,
Now faceless and un-bold.
Not getting my stardom,
Not gaining the wisdom,
I am the hollow,
A lonely soul,
All one can do is follow,
Wallowing in sorrow,

Now is the days of the new...

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I am not etched in stone

When i felt down you where all there
i needed to only look up and you where there
but now its just a memory slowly fading away
i have nothing i am nothing i feel nothing
when i feel down i never see you there anymore
i am alone in my world everyone has left me
the only thing i have left is this loneliness in my gut
it whispers to me "end it end there happiness end there love because you are not loved"
i wish for things to be different because i am broken and i am loosing myself
i often think to myself if i have left your hearts
do you even remember my name? am i just a lost memory that you cannot recall
nothing will change nothing ever does i will forever feel alone
this is the day when i truly am forgotten.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Nothing really to say, just felt like writing something since ive just been down these past few months
if you like it thanks. if you dont oh well cant please everyone ._.;

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Lonely but not alone.

Other Poems

I have been lonely before
hoping for a friendly knock at my door
Sometimes lonely by choice
hoping the phone wouldn't give me a voice

I enjoy my solitude at times
allowing me to put pen to paper with rhymes
Sometimes solitude in a crowd
allowing me to experience both quiet and loud

I see them as good feelings
but there is one way of lonely that stings
Lately it is all I have known
that of being deeply lonely but never truly alone.

- © December 05, 2012 - Heidi Lynn Gagne.

I guess I temporarily broke my writers block.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by a photograph I recently viewed quite by chance.

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Left alone cold replaced

A man without a face

Single unknown unknowable

Left with feelings not showable

Heart pieces hidden and bled dry

Not a tear left for either eye

No one talking no one hearing

Your memory in my brain is searing

Festering with no relief in sight

Alone I wait day and night

Waiting and waiting for some talk

As back and forth on the floor I walk

No one calls or says anything

My heart and mind are picketing

Gone for good or gone for worse

I sit here alone in my curse

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I'm full to the brim, with that lonely again.
Whiskey genie trades wishes for all of my sins.
I've all but forgotten where I set the mark,
And I only will seek you out after the dark.

The rot of the city, still stinging my nose.
Sow seeds in the gutter to see what it grows.
Worry plucks branches from family trees,
We bless all the infants and throw them to sea.

Lonesome takes root in my ivory bones,
my heart-deals are calling in all of their loans.
How great the depression is weighing on me,
They're selling my penance, salvation's not free.

To get by, I put up with worry and strife,
evicted heart's fire, and slept with his wife.
Her secrets she told me, I'll take to my grave,
That some of us truly aren't meant to be saved.

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Lonely Pest


Sitting here waiting for.....
Apparently nothing seeable
Socially getting sore...
And disagreeable

Everything happens inside my head
But when it plays out
I should have stayed in bed
Before losing this bout

Sitting here waiting for....
Someone to care for me
I'm hurting to the core...
Because of omissioncy

I'm hurting inside and out
But nobody seems to notice
Trapped inside my own doubt
I feel the unwanted locust

I'm a pest for society
To reek havoc only by existence
My memorability
Is my worst consequence

I speak and say help me!
But they just hear Hi.
Why don't you see me?
I just get goodbye.

Did i not cry out to you?
No. Not with words.
My emotions did not get through?
No. That's absurd.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have had to move school again. This will be my senior year. It will be the largest and most daunting school experience ever. But I'm the only one that seems to see myself whe I really am, even though i'm sending it out emotionally. My "friends" in my neighborhood treat me like an outsider because i've been either homeschooled or in a charter school all my life. I'm in pain. And nobody can see it but those that don't care.